5 Good Questions To Ask Your Corner Bath Supplier8 August, 2018

A bathtub is no longer just a bathtub. There are so many different sizes, makes, models, and shapes available that you can find one to fit into just about any space. We have moved away from the traditional long, rectangular bathtubs, and new technology has improved the way we design, manufacture, install, and use bath […]

Trust Summer Place With All Your Jacuzzi Repairs!8 August, 2018

There are very few greater pleasures than enjoying a good Jacuzzi bath during summer, and especially in winter. They are often seen as much more than just a luxury. There are a number of physical and mental benefits associated with using a Jacuzzi, and because these benefits are recognised by health and fitness professionals, most […]

Choose An Inventive Corner Bath Design To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom8 August, 2018

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom, there is a bath out there for you. New, innovative developments in the industry include a wide variety of straight, deep, short, shallow, round, oval corner bath designs, and you will be able to find one that is perfect for your bathroom if you know where […]

5 Great Tips On Choosing The Best Jacuzzi Dealer For Your Needs8 August, 2018

If you are planning to install a Jacuzzi, you must realise that it is not just a once-off transaction. Your Jacuzzi dealer should be able to provide you with ongoing after-sales service, and not just lose interest once the deal has been done and the money has been paid. From time to time, you will […]

Fantastic Home Spa Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Spa Baths8 August, 2018

There are few things as enjoyable as luxuriating in the foamy indulgence of a spa bath. Often people book spa days for birthdays or special occasions, but we encourage you to dream bigger! You don’t have to limit yourself to birthdays, spend a fortune, or even leave your house if you want to enjoy a […]

Interested In The Health Benefits Of Luxury Home Spas? Check This Out!8 August, 2018

Luxury home spas are something most people can agree are quite pleasurable. Not only are they luxurious and relaxing to use, but having one in the home is something that many desire. They feel great to be in, are easy to maintain, and last a long time. In addition to this, they also have health […]

How Investing In Bathroom Spa Baths Can Add Value To You And Your Home8 August, 2018

One of the most luxurious features one can install in a bathroom is a spa bath. They are associated with luxury and indulgence all over the world, which is why most high-priced hotel suites and luxury homes are fitted with bathroom spa baths. They provide comfort and relaxation and are a great way to indulge […]

Find The Best Jacuzzi Bathtub Price In Sa At Summer Place!8 August, 2018

Most people love home spas and Jacuzzis. The benefits of using them are well known. Not only are they very relaxing, but they can help lower blood pressure, ease swelling and muscle aches, and also have hydrotherapeutic qualities. They are particularly effective at treating sport – or exercise related injuries, and people with stressful lifestyles […]

Different Types And Styles Of Jacuzzi Tubs And Their Applications8 August, 2018

Jacuzzi tubs differ from ordinary bathtubs, as they have added features, such as water jets, built into them, and they are usually larger to accommodate more than one person. They can be used for pleasure, relaxation, or for health reasons. The type of Jacuzzi tubs you choose will usually depend on a few considerations, such […]

Choosing A Jetted Baths Supplier In Gauteng For Your Spa Bath8 August, 2018

So, you have your heart set on getting a jetted bath. You imagine coming home from work, pouring yourself a refreshing drink, slipping out of your work clothes, and immersing your body in a luxurious warm bath with water jets that gently massage your aching muscles, while you are soaking all of your troubles away. […]

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