Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Tips from Luxury Freestanding Bath Suppliers

When you picture having a luxurious bathroom, what do you see? Do you imagine a French-style design with beige tones everywhere? Do you envision soft lighting with candles all around? Perhaps you are like many people, and the first thing you think of when visualising your dream bathroom is the freestanding tub you have always wanted.

If you have been considering upgrading your bathroom and you are not sure where to start, start by listening to the experts in luxury spas and baths. We are suppliers of luxury freestanding tubs and know a thing or two about what goes into creating spectacular bathrooms. Today, we thought we would give you a few tips on how to create the most luxurious bathroom possible in your home:


Start with a Freestanding Bath

Freestanding bathsWe recommend getting a freestanding bath if you are redoing your bathroom entirely or starting from scratch. While a shower is useful in terms of helping you clean your body, it does not come close to a freestanding bath when it comes to the amount of relaxation and luxury it can offer. A freestanding bath that is filled with warm water and bubbles can do wonders in terms of helping you to unwind.

They are also rather aesthetically pleasing and can add to the overall look of the bathroom. You want to get yours from the best suppliers out there, and luckily, you have already found them: Summer Place Spas and Baths.


Get Beautiful Towels and a Bath Rug

As suppliers of spas and baths, we take care of the bigger features, but we can also offer some sound advice and guidance when it comes to how you style your bathroom. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your bathroom more beautiful and luxurious is by adding towels or rugs in carefully selected colours. Choose quality brands whose products exude luxury.

If you choose a soft and neutral colour, it can really go a long way in terms of making your bathroom look like it belongs in a home-design magazine.


Get the Right Lighting 

Either using candles or lights with a dimming switch, you want to use light to help you create the ideal atmosphere. You don’t want the lights to be incredibly bright or harsh.


Make the Room Smell Nice

By using candles, scented soaps, essential oil, and the likes, you can make your bathroom smell incredible. It’s always a good idea to choose a fragrance that you absolutely love and makes you feel calm. Lavender is particularly popular as a relaxing scent.


Add Some Decorative Elements 

You can add personality and transform your bathroom easily by adding decorative pieces, such as pieces of art, beautiful ornaments, and maybe even a few plants.

If you have no idea how to decorate your bathroom beautifully, you can look through home-design magazines or online and try to find a look that will work in your bathroom. An even easier option is to hire an interior decorator to help you.


Take Care of Clutter 

You can have the most beautifully built and decorated bathroom, but if there are towels lying on the floor, plastic bottles scattered everywhere, and an overflowing laundry basket, it will take away from the look you are after.

A good organising system is also key. Any products that you do not want on display can be hidden away in the bathroom cabinet and taken out when needed. You can even get apothecary jars and bottles that you will not mind having on display and transfer your products into them. Sure, it will take some extra effort when you restock your toiletries for the month, but you get to enjoy having a beautiful bathroom. If you have some elegant perfume bottles, you can organise and display them neatly along with your cosmetics.


Get a Bath Tray

Once you have your freestanding bath in place and have applied all our other tips, we suggest finishing off the upgrade by getting a bath tray. You can rest your book or glass of wine on it while taking a relaxing soak.

We try to do more than just supply you with luxury spas and baths for your home, which is why we wanted to give you these tips on how you can upgrade your bathroom further after we have done our job. Our team of experts are also always happy to assist you and offer advice where needed.

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