Spa Bath Prices

Spa Bath Prices

Top Reasons to Buy Our Jetted Spa Baths Apart from Competitive Prices

Before you request quotes on bath prices, consider the fantastic benefits of jetted spa baths. The spa bath prices are higher than the prices of conventional built-in tubs, but considering the many researched benefits of the jetted types, and one has to agree that the luxury, comfort, and relaxation features are worth the investment.

Nonetheless, our spa bath prices are exceptionally competitive, enabling you to install more than one in your home or perhaps several for your lodge or guesthouse. Let’s have a look at the reported benefits of ownership to give you an indication of why so many home-owners, hotels, and lodges prefer the jetted types.

Understanding how a jetted spa bath works already helps to gain insight as to the benefits associated with this kind of tub. The water intake is installed on one of the inner walls from where the water is sucked into the tub. The water jets provide for streams, ripples, and massaging effects. With several types of massages offered, the body benefits from a hydrotherapy experience.

You have control over the water temperature, which jets to use and the intensity of the water flow. With such control, you can customise every bathing experience to fit your particular relaxation needs. The jets are strategically located to provide for targeted massaging of the legs, feet, back, and neck according to the settings and bath type. When it thus comes to prices, one also has to keep all the benefits of such luxury items in mind. Some of the key benefits include:


  1. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

According to the results of a study conducted on the positive effects of hydrotherapy on a group of Japanese elderly people, regular full immersion bathing to the neck can be a healthy cardiovascular intervention for older people. According to the conclusion of the study, warm water has a positive effect on heart health.


  1. Massaging of Sore and Tired Muscles

After a hard day at the office, your body needs a bit of pampering. This is also true if you want to reduce the stress effects in your body. When it comes to spa treatments or luxury accommodation, you also want to give your guests the best possible way to unwind after a day of activities such as game drives or bush walks. To this end, they can enjoy the gentle water massaging possible with jetted spa baths. Sore joints and aching muscles are massaged, and blood stimulated to rejuvenate and relax the person at the same time.


  1. Promote Relaxation

When the body exercises, it releases endorphins. The pressure from the jets provides for a light exercise and thus helps the body to release the happy or feel-good hormone. You thus feel better and happier when the hormone is released. A study conducted on the topic of hydrotherapy and the effects on the body confirms the above-reported benefits.


  1. Relaxation Helps with Sleeping

Once you have relaxed and aches have been relieved, you can sleep better. Since your body temperature is slightly higher after a warm bath, you feel warmer. After the water session, your body cools down. Sleep is thus naturally induced through the release of melatonin. With such, you can have a deeper and more restful sleep.


  1. The Perfect Way to Get Rid of Toxins

Our bodies are exposed to environmental pollutants daily. The skin is exposed, and many of the pollutants are absorbed. With the hydrotherapy, your skin is cleansed, and the pollutants can be drawn out. After such a relaxing water session, you feel refreshed.


  1. Warm Water Helps to Relax Muscles

The warm water helps to raise the body temperature and thus to relax sore muscles. It is thus also a way to alleviate pain. Indeed, jetted spa baths provide for a range of benefits. It has also been reported that the opening of the blood vessels has the potential for relieving headaches. Relaxation helps to reduce anxiety, while a clean body feels fresh. Of course, the sheer luxury of such a water sensation is already enough reason to buy one that suits your home, especially considering our competitive spa bath prices.


Where to Find the Best Prices

Apart from our extensive range of jetted spa baths, the quality of our products and our superb after-sales service, we are also known for competitive prices on our luxury items. View our range and get in touch for more information on prices or help in choosing a unit that fits your particular massaging type, style, and size requirements.

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