Luxury Domestic Baths

Luxury Domestic Baths

Get the Alone Time You Need with a Custom-Made Luxury Domestic Bath

Need some alone time? The recent Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown has made a lot of people around the world really appreciate the value of alone time. Parents used to get breaks from taking care of their kids while they were at school or could enjoy a few hours home alone when their partners were at the gym or having a drink with friends. This gave them that much-needed alone time to watch those television shows they couldn’t watch when other people took control of the remote.

But thanks to the lockdown, families, couples, and roommates have been forced to spend a lot more time together while trapped indoors and for many, alone time has become a thing of the past — a thing they long for and dream of. However, you don’t need to go and hide in your closet or sit in the car in the garage to find some peace and quiet. If you are finding it hard to experience quality alone time, we have the perfect solution for you.


Make Your Bathroom Your Sanctuary with Custom-Designed Luxury Domestic Baths

Luxury BathOne great solution is to set up one of the most private rooms in the house to provide the ultimate escape for when you need to be alone: the bathroom.

If you have a house full of kids or have relatives living with you and always have to be there for others, you need to remember to take some time for yourself to unwind. The chances are that you don’t have a room that is just your own where you can totally destress. Even if you do not have kids and it is just you and your partner, sometimes, you still need to get a few minutes or an hour or two of alone time.

Your bathroom is your best bet in terms of finding some alone time, and hopefully, you have a lock on the door as well. It sometimes really is the best place to find some peace. So, why not turn your bathroom into the ultimate place for chilling out and invest in a custom-designed luxury bathtub for your powder room.


Set Up Your Bathroom for Ultimate Relaxation 

You already have to settle when it comes to a lot of things, like never being able to watch what you want on the television because your partner and kids keep alternating between cartoons and sport, so do not settle when it comes to your bathroom/home spa and your bathtub.

Do not just settle for a standard bathtub when you can get a custom-made one that gives you everything you could dream of in a tub, including massage jets. If your bathroom has a spa feel to it, it can really help you to unwind. You can get a custom-made luxury bath from us at Summer Place Spas and Baths. You can get one with jets that will give your body a massage and this should help ease your muscle soreness after a long day of cleaning or embarking on DIY projects around the house.


Personalise Your Powder Room to Maximise Tranquillity

Alone time is quite personal, and you can add an extra personal touch with a custom-made bathtub. You know best when it comes to what helps you to rejuvenate after a busy day. Get a bathtub tailored to your needs. If having a beautiful bathroom is crucial for you to be able to fully relax in your tub, then you also want to add a few other personal touches, such as your favourite scented candles, bath towels, and maybe even an artwork that you love.


So Where Should You Go to Get a Custom-Made Domestic Bathtub? 

This answer is very easy, and you have actually already found the right suppliers of custom-made bathtubs: Summer Place Spas and Baths.

We can custom make the perfect domestic tub for you based on your individual needs. Our team can make a bathtub that is as unique as you are and that caters to your alone time needs. If you are ready to turn your bathroom into your personal sanctuary, contact us, and we will help you to get started.

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