Freestanding Baths | Considerations | Installation16 May, 2024

What to Consider Before Installing Freestanding Baths   Freestanding baths have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to add luxury and elegance to their bathrooms. However, before you take the plunge and install a freestanding bath in your home, there are several important factors to consider. In this guide, we explore these factors, as […]

Corner Bath | Space-saving Solution | Bathroom Layout16 May, 2024

Transform Your Awkward Bathroom with a Corner Bath Solution   Are you facing the challenge of redesigning an awkwardly shaped bathroom? Fear not, as there’s a sleek and practical solution that fits snugly into any corner – enter the corner bath. In this guide, we explore how a bathtub from Summer Place can be the […]

Bath | Introduce a Spa-like Ambience with a Summer Place Tub24 April, 2024

Creating a Spa-like Atmosphere with a Summer Place Bath   While house-hunting or entering a property or room for the very first time, one typically experiences a feeling for or against the place. Some describe this sensation as a vibe, an atmosphere or the structure’s ambience. This sensory perception may apply to the entire premises, […]

Freestanding Baths : Design Ideas for a Remodeled Bathroom24 April, 2024

Tips for Styling Around Freestanding Baths   Is remodelling your home’s bathrooms on the cards for you? Don’t take chances or gamble on the outcome; rather consider installing Summer Place freestanding baths to upgrade and perfect your revamped private inner sanctuaries – your bathrooms. It’s widely acknowledged that there are three elements or fundamental features […]

Baths: Hydrotherapy Treatments at Home19 March, 2024

Hydrotherapy at Home: Harnessing the Healing Power of Water in Baths    Baths are nothing new. However, Summer Place baths and spas incorporate the best of the very latest hydrotherapy technologies combined with the art and scientific principles of superb bathtub design. Our revolutionary baths represent exceptionally innovative and comparatively recent developments, which we’ve been […]

Free Standing Baths: One of Many Bathtime Options19 March, 2024

Built-in vs Free Standing Baths: Making the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Design   When it comes to baths, which option tops your list of options – ultra-luxurious free standing baths or stylish, state-of-the-art built-in units? It’s a delightful dilemma to have because there are so many marvellous high-end baths of both types on offer […]

Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Dive into Relaxation with Our Premium Jacuzzis on Sale28 February, 2024

If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, you’re probably investigating ‘Jacuzzi for sale’ offers advertised on various media platforms. It’s worth spending time undertaking research into these high-end Jacuzzis (also known as ‘spas’, ‘whirlpool or jetted tubs’, or ‘hot tubs’). Read on to find out about the best possible options on offer in the South […]

Revolutionise Your Retreat: The Modern Charm of Freestanding Baths28 February, 2024

In essence, the term ‘freestanding baths’ aptly and concisely describes the fundamental feature that differentiates this design from other bathtub models. Nonetheless, there’s a great deal more to Summer Place’s revolutionary modern freestanding bath designs than in the days of yore.   Freestanding Baths Designs’ Original Concept When you learn about the origins of the […]

Beyond Backyards: The Convenience and Comfort of Portable Jacuzzis25 January, 2024

It’s not unusual to find that some people may not realise that a Jacuzzi or spa tub isn’t always a permanent fixture. In fact, South Africa’s prized, premier manufacturer of cutting-edge spas and baths, Summer Place, also offers a luxurious portable Jacuzzi, in addition to other types of jetted products.   A Portable Jacuzzi’s Fundamental […]

Smart Solutions for Small Spaces: Embrace the Beauty of Corner Baths25 January, 2024

Depending on the size and to some extent, the features you select, a corner bath can be a remarkable space-saving addition to your bathroom. It’s not necessarily the case that this type of tub occupies much more floor space than any of its built-in counterparts – traditional rectangular or oval bathtubs.   A Corner Bath’s […]

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