Jacuzzi for Sale20 Sep, 2021

Turn Your Backyard into a Healing Hot Spring Oasis with a New Jacuzzi for Sale Ever since your partner whisked you away to that healing hot water spring in Bela-Bela, you want to install your thermal hot spring at home. Not only did you notice you slept like a baby that week, but the hot […]

Bathtub for Sale20 Sep, 2021

Add Interest and Boost Value with a Modern Freestanding Bathtub for Sale at Summer Place Are you a homeowner looking to dip your toes in real estate waters but first looking at ways to boost buyer traffic? There are many ways to increase property interest and perhaps even get a good return. Whereas kitchen upgrades […]

Looking for a Jacuzzi Supplier in South Africa? We Have Jacuzzis for Sale26 Aug, 2021

Are you looking for a Jacuzzi supplier in South Africa? Look no further. We have Jacuzzis for sale that you definitely want to explore. Perhaps you have been doing some home renovations, and all you’re missing is a place where you can fully relax. Maybe you own a hotel, spa, game lodge, guesthouse, or property […]

Where to Buy Luxurious Freestanding Baths26 Aug, 2021

Do you like to embrace the good things in life, like soaking in a bath when on holiday? Why not bring the luxury to you by getting one of those luxurious freestanding baths you’ve always wanted? If you have decided that you want to treat yourself and buy yourself an early Christmas present, your next […]

Spa Bath Supplier in South Africa with Affordable Prices26 Jul, 2021

Stressed, anxious, and feeling like you can’t keep pace with all the latest global changes? If you battle with constant worry, it is vital to understand that stress and anxiety can cause real physical and psychological symptoms that affect your health – and you may not even realise it. You may think your energy levels […]

Bathtubs for Sale: An Investment in Your Health & Wellbeing26 Jul, 2021

Times are tough, but lately, you’ve been noticing all these online ads that flaunt the latest bathtubs for sale at excellent prices. Many of your mates are buying these bathtubs for sale, but you need a little persuading. You know you want a hot hydrotherapy bathtub, but the issue is whether you actually can afford […]

Summer Place 2021 Catalogue: Bringing High-Quality Freestanding Jetted Baths to Homes25 Jun, 2021

Your partner finally said what you’ve been waiting so long to hear: “honey, let’s give our bathroom a makeover and install a gorgeous oval-shaped high-quality freestanding jetted bath!” You couldn’t be more excited as you’ve been reading about the many health benefits of a spa bath – and your bathroom desperately needs an overhaul. A […]

Buy a New Modern Bathtub25 Jun, 2021

How to Facelift Your Boudoir on a Budget: Buy a New Modern Bathtub and Use These Ideas Did you promise your wife you would revamp the bathroom this winter – but now you’re worried if you can afford it, or is your old bathtub not living up to your expanding household? Whenever we think of […]

Jacuzzi for Sale21 May, 2021

Hot Tubs for Sale: 3 Hacks to Get the Most Out Of Your Jacuzzi without Draining the Meter There is nothing quite like visiting a thermal hot spring in the middle of winter. Practised widely in Egypt, India, Europe, and South Africa by the San and Tswana people for their supernatural healing powers, hot springs […]

Corner Bath21 May, 2021

3 Hacks to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Big – Including the Space-Saving Corner Bath Are you living in a tiny apartment with a bathroom fit for a hobbit and looking for some ideas that will make the space look and feel bigger? You are not alone. Our living spaces are shrinking. Population growth and lack […]

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