Luxury Domestic Baths20 May, 2020

Get the Alone Time You Need with a Custom-Made Luxury Domestic Bath Need some alone time? The recent Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown has made a lot of people around the world really appreciate the value of alone time. Parents used to get breaks from taking care of their kids while they were at […]

Freestanding Baths20 May, 2020

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Tips from Luxury Freestanding Bath Suppliers When you picture having a luxurious bathroom, what do you see? Do you imagine a French-style design with beige tones everywhere? Do you envision soft lighting with candles all around? Perhaps you are like many people, and the first thing you think of when visualising your […]

Jacuzzis for Sale15 Apr, 2020

Should You Get That Jacuzzi You Saw for Sale? Perhaps We Can Help You Decide A Jacuzzi is one of those things that most people want to have in their homes but a lot of them tend to think about luxury items like hot tubs as things that they want but think they will never […]

Jacuzzis15 Apr, 2020

Turn Your House into a Spa with Jacuzzis, Relaxing Sounds, and Some Candlelight Home improvements can be a lot of fun and if the recent nationwide lockdown because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to you wanting to improve your home in various ways, such as sorting out all the clutter you have […]

Get Your Own Portable Jacuzzi30 Mar, 2020

  Invest in Your Health and Get a Portable Jacuzzi   When it comes to the way you spend your money, investing in your health is one of the best investments that you can make. When a lot of people think about health, they only think about it in terms of body composition, meaning whether […]

Free-standing Baths – Perfect for Guesthouses30 Mar, 2020

  Free-Standing Baths – The Best Addition to Your Guesthouse   Have you recently started setting your plan of opening a guesthouse in motion? Have you found the ideal property and are currently busy planning, building, or renovating the house? Anybody who loves architecture and interior design and has spent some time visualising what their […]

Invest in Your Own Jacuzzi27 Feb, 2020

Using a Public Jacuzzi? Stick to These Key Safety Tips   Here at Summer Place, we like to think we know a little about jetted spas and baths; we have, after all, been in the industry since 1968. With our range, we make luxury jetted products accessible to anyone in need of some opulence, hydrotherapy, […]

Shopping for Freestanding Baths27 Feb, 2020

5 Tips to Consider When Shopping for Freestanding Baths   For most people, built-in, alcove tubs have been the norm for years. Freestanding baths have always been seen as a marker of luxury because they are not too concerned with saving up tons of space. The fact is, though, that they use the negative space […]

Newest Lusso Spa Baths30 Jan, 2020

  Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Newest Lusso Portable Spa   With life as stressful as it is, comfort and relaxation are essential. People who do not take the time to relax may find that their physical and mental health suffers – something most individuals wish to avoid if possible. Families on the go often […]

Spa Baths30 Jan, 2020

  The 6 Benefits of Spa Baths and Why You Need One at Home   Modern society is advancing to the point where luxury items, once only reserved for the wealthy, have become accessible to almost every home. A few years ago, the idea of spa baths was a foreign concept to anyone who did […]

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