Shopping for New Freestanding Baths

Shopping for New Freestanding Baths

Should You be Shopping for New Freestanding Baths?

Should you be shopping for new freestanding baths or just opt for the more conventional built-in wall-placed types? Considering that baths are the centrepieces of bathrooms, careful consideration should go into the tub choice. The layout of the bathroom should be taken into consideration in the selection process. Is there sufficient space to allow for a standalone or freestanding tub? How does the placement of the tub affect the functionality of the room? Once you have determined that the layout supports a freestanding unit, you can commence with the shopping part. Below are some reasons to go shopping for new freestanding baths.


Exceptional Flexibility

Built-in tubs normally have to be placed against a structure such as a wall. With the freestanding baths, such as the ones available in our Cloud Island Standard bath range, you can place the tub in a corner, against the wall, or in the centre of the bathroom if sufficient space is available.


Unique Appearance

Luxurious Freestanding BathsNo doubt, the freestanding types are elegant in design. If you want to make a style statement, you cannot go wrong with the luxurious elegance of these tubs. Every guest who walks into the bathroom will notice the bath and appreciate the opulent character of the bathroom.


Wide Range of Designs

With an exceptional range of designs to choose from, shopping for new freestanding baths is a sheer pleasure. You are bound to find a tub from our range to fit the d├ęcor and layout of the bathroom. Choose a shape that fits the layout, such as oval or round. Add even more elegance with a pedestal type that provides the bath with some height. Whether you want one that gives a classic feel to complement a vintage interior or want a modern one such as the Cloud Island Standard with its smooth lines and hidden base, you will find a tub in our collection that matches the overall interior design of your home.


Durable Materials

Shopping for new baths is a pleasant experience when you have access to a wide range. With a selection of tub materials such as the modern types made from a lightweight material, you are spoiled for choice. Our Cloud Island Standard bath has an oval shape and is exceptionally lightweight. Indeed, it weighs only 65 kg with the load on the floor at 180 kg per square metre. The shipping weight is 100 kg. It has a water-fill capacity of 300 litres.


Direct Attention to Tiles

With the tub having a raised appearance, attention is directed towards the floor surface. If you want to show off more of the floor, then shopping for one of the new freestanding baths in our range is a good first step.


Create a Spacious Feel

Although the freestanding baths often take up more space than conventional wall-placed tubs, the raised style of the Cloud Island Standard bath helps to create a spacious feel. With the perceived open area below the bath, it creates the impression of more space.


Where to Start Shopping

View our Cloud Island Standard tub. The minimalist style of the bath makes it suitable for the modern home. It features clean lines that add to the sense of opulence. The Cloud Island Deluxe version allows for no fewer than six Shiatsu micro jets and five whirlpool fittings. It also accommodates two recessed foot jets for maximum luxury and relaxation. The design, furthermore, accommodates a perfectly located wall jet to provide for a comfortable leg and thigh massage experience. Taps can be placed on the bath deck.

The standard version comes with an oval shape to optimise the comfort level of the bather. When it comes to style and luxury, you cannot ask for a better bath style than Cloud Island. With the many jets, every minute spent in the sumptuousness of the bath is a reposeful experience.

We offer an exceptional range of new freestanding island baths in addition to our exquisite range of wall placed spa baths. With superb after-sales service, a proven track record of superior quality products, and excellence as our focus, we make shopping for new baths an absolute pleasure. Start by viewing the Cloud Island Standard range and get in touch for pricing information.

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