Facts You Should Know When You’re Buying a Jacuzzi for Sale27 August, 2018

Over decades a Jacuzzi has always been associated as a luxury bath. Before going out and purchasing a Jacuzzi you need to determine where you will install the hot tub, if the tub will be indoors or out and you also need to shop around and find a hot tub that suits your needs as […]

The Health Benefits of a Portable Jacuzzi27 August, 2018

In some instances people may find that a Jacuzzi installation is too expensive or impractical and prefer to opt for a portable Jacuzzi which requires minimal setup. The main section of a potable option is constructed with inflatable heavy duty materials, which provide all the same benefits of the more expensive permanent versions. This version […]

A Brief History and Quick Guide to Choosing Freestanding Baths27 August, 2018

Early copper plumbing systems which date back to around 3300BC, where discovered by archaeologists in the ancient Indus Valley civilization beneath the palace. On the Isle of Crete a 1.5 meter pedestal tub was discovered, of which was made from hardened pottery. The first cast iron bath tubs were manufactured in 1883, and were basically […]

Selecting a Bath for You and Your Home27 August, 2018

The bathtub is certainly an item with many years of history and intrigue behind it. While there is some speculation as to when the very first bathtub was ever seen and used, we know that it was in fact centuries ago. Having a bath at your disposal may seem like an standard or average necessity […]

Invest in a Freestanding Bath to Transform the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom27 August, 2018

If the time to spruce up your home’s bathroom has come, then it is important to know what your options are. You could choose to change the colour of the walls, change the tiles, or even completely change the layout. Whatever you decide to do, you need to consider if a new bathtub could add […]

Bath Sizes – Sometimes Bigger is Better27 August, 2018

How you enjoy your bath time will depend on the bathroom, what is available in it and of course the actual bath tub. Everyone likes to relax in hot water letting the stresses and strains of the day simply melt away. You will find that there are various bath sizes available on the market and […]

Turning Your Bathroom into a Luxury Retreat with Corner Baths27 August, 2018

A jetted bathtub is a great investment and relaxing addition to any bathroom. While the benefits of hot water alone have been widely reported over the years, when coupled with jetted technology the advantages multiply. At Summer Place we make available luxury corner baths, spas and designer jetted baths and in-ground spas. We have been […]

Jazz Up Your Bathroom with Affordable Non-jetted Baths from Summer Place27 August, 2018

If you are in the market for a beautiful and stylish non-jetted bath, then look no further than Summer Place. We are a leader in the luxury bath market, operating in South Africa from the mid-1960s. Since our inception we have garnered a well-earned reputation for being one of the leaders in the industry and […]

Investing in Bathroom Spa Baths That’s Value for Your Money27 August, 2018

Established in 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths has been supplying South Africans with quality bathroom spa baths for many years. Since then we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of affordable and quality portable spas, bathroom spa baths and hydrotherapeutic Jacuzzis. Our range of affordable baths and Jacuzzis have gained mainstream […]

A Secret of Healthy and Happy People27 August, 2018

How are some of the busiest people able to start their day looking refreshed, relaxed and energised? How do active people continue to go on even when they have minor pains and aches? These people share a secret – they have discovered the many great benefits of hydrotherapy that luxury Jacuzzis and spas has to […]

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