Combating Debilitating Bone and Joint Diseases with Hydrotherapy27 Aug, 2018

The four most common ailments that people use hydrotherapy for are diabetes, lower back pain, arthritic diseases and insomnia. One in every five people around the world suffer from some or other type of arthritic disease which is a fairly common and affects the bones and joints and gets worse as we age. As people […]

Not All Malvern Lounger Jacuzzis are Equal27 Aug, 2018

The word Jacuzzi always comes to thought when the mention of a luxury bath is brought up. Before investing in a Jacuzzi, you need to shop around as there are many different types available and the cost can also vary considerably, depending on the model you choose to suit the area of installation and your […]

Baths and What They Can Do For You and Your Home27 Aug, 2018

Baths have been around for many years and have a rich historical background. The fact that they have changed in shape, form and size so many times over the years shows just how versatile these units can be. Unlike the old times, baths are not just used for cleaning oneself. These days, the modern day […]

Transform Your Bathroom with One of Our Luxury Baths27 Aug, 2018

Back in the day when bathtubs were not a common household item they were considered quite the luxury. If you had your own dedicated bath and bathroom, then you were surely someone of stature. These days having a tub is not just a necessity, but a common thing. Luxury baths however are just that – […]

Choose the Right Jacuzzi for You27 Aug, 2018

The Jacuzzi is certainly an item that requires no real introduction. It is a relaxation and leisure item that everyone has wanted to have in their home at some time or another. For a period of time you only saw these at luxury spas and resorts, but with changing times and the modern day bathtub […]

Understanding the Health Benefits of Spa Pools27 Aug, 2018

If you have been looking for a good excuse to invest your well-earned money in a spa pool, then look no further! Having a spa pool in your back garden is not just a way to show off your money, nor is it a luxurious product that you shouldn’t bother with. There are many health […]

Jacuzzi Prices: Are They Worth The Expense?27 Aug, 2018

Having a Jacuzzi at home is often considered to be an unnecessary expense. Jacuzzi prices, however competitive, always make them an item of luxury; one that smells of money. Is this the case though? Are they really just luxury items? The answer to that is no, definitely not! Jacuzzis have many different uses, and they […]

Free Standing Baths: Introducing an Element of Luxury to Your Home27 Aug, 2018

Free standing baths are a fantastic way to bring an element of luxury and style into your bathroom, and into the overall feel of your home. Their general design has been around for years, ever since tin tubs and kettles of boiled water were the only way to properly wash oneself. Where once they were […]

Consider Our Portable Jacuzzi Offers for Installation in Your Home!27 Aug, 2018

There is no denying the fact that having access to a Jacuzzi is a wonderfully relaxing experience. In fact, having one of these units at home is one of the most sought after luxuries across the globe. A Jacuzzi can be enjoyed alone or as a group and the novelty simply never wears off. At […]

Take Advantage of Great Jacuzzi Deals from Summer Place27 Aug, 2018

Having a Jacuzzi is about more than just being able to enjoy a massage and relax. It is about spending time unwinding and reflecting on your life and ambitions. At Summer Place we have great Jacuzzi deals for you to consider that will make it more affordable for you to include such an item in […]

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