Invest in Your Own Jacuzzi27 Feb, 2020

Using a Public Jacuzzi? Stick to These Key Safety Tips   Here at Summer Place, we like to think we know a little about jetted spas and baths; we have, after all, been in the industry since 1968. With our range, we make luxury jetted products accessible to anyone in need of some opulence, hydrotherapy, […]

Shopping for Freestanding Baths27 Feb, 2020

5 Tips to Consider When Shopping for Freestanding Baths   For most people, built-in, alcove tubs have been the norm for years. Freestanding baths have always been seen as a marker of luxury because they are not too concerned with saving up tons of space. The fact is, though, that they use the negative space […]

Newest Lusso Spa Baths30 Jan, 2020

  Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Newest Lusso Portable Spa   With life as stressful as it is, comfort and relaxation are essential. People who do not take the time to relax may find that their physical and mental health suffers – something most individuals wish to avoid if possible. Families on the go often […]

Spa Baths30 Jan, 2020

  The 6 Benefits of Spa Baths and Why You Need One at Home   Modern society is advancing to the point where luxury items, once only reserved for the wealthy, have become accessible to almost every home. A few years ago, the idea of spa baths was a foreign concept to anyone who did […]

Finding a Jacuzzi That Suits Your Lifestyle20 Dec, 2019

  6 Tips for Finding a Jacuzzi That Suits Your Lifestyle   When it comes to Jacuzzis, absolutely no introduction is needed. While “Jacuzzi” actually refers to a brand name, the word has become synonymous with hot tubs across the globe. If you have been on the lookout for a model for some time, then […]

Freestanding Baths20 Dec, 2019

  Frequently Asked Questions About Our Freestanding Baths and Services   Many homeowners will rethink their entire house before ever considering the bathroom. Renovations in the kitchen, lounge, and living room are common, while bathroom upgrades are often neglected. Your bathroom, however, is the landscape in which you retire for the day. Here, you relax […]

Lusso Portable Jacuzzi28 Nov, 2019

  Relax to the Max with the Lusso Portable Jacuzzi Imagine coming home from an exhausting day at the office or finally catching your breath after dealing with your family duties all day. You likely feel tired and drained, and experience aches and pains somewhere in your body. Now imagine slipping into your very own […]

Eyeing that Jacuzzi For Sale?28 Nov, 2019

  Eyeing that Jacuzzi for Sale? Here Is Why You Should Take the Plunge and Buy It For people who have never seriously considered investing in one, buying a Jacuzzi for sale seems like wishful thinking. After all, aren’t Jacuzzis only meant for the ultra-affluent who live in mansions? While a hot tub certainly is […]

Love Your New Jacuzzi?31 Oct, 2019

Love Your New Jacuzzi? Here is How to Use it Safely   A new hot tub is a fantastic addition to the home that provides hours of fun with family and friends. A Jacuzzi is also a great way to relax after a long, stressful day at work or intense workout. Powerful jets skilfully massage […]

Freestanding Baths31 Oct, 2019

6 Bathroom Inspiration Ideas: From Freestanding Baths to Scented Candles   Most people make small changes to their homes over the years. These minor upgrades culminate in what eventually becomes the home’s overall aesthetic. Painted walls, refurbished sitting rooms, tiles to replace carpeting – homeowners seem to change every room in their house except the […]

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