7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi at Home18 Jun, 2019

7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi at Home A Jacuzzi is the first attraction that people flock to while on vacation or visiting a wellness spa. The reason for this is because of how hot tubs make us feel – relaxed, calm, and as though we are living in the lap of luxury. While […]

Bathtub Supplier Gauteng7 Jun, 2019

Need a Spa and Bathtub Supplier in Gauteng? Why You Should Shop with Us Have you ever travelled home after a long day at work and wanted nothing more than to ease your tired and aching muscles with a long, warm soak? Bathing is not just for hygiene purposes. Most people relish in the feeling […]

Indulge Yourself with Our Top Four Corner Baths for Sale7 May, 2019

Nothing comes close to the satisfaction of taking some time off to pamper yourself with a warm, soothing, bubble bath. Baths have become synonymous with luxury and relaxation, which is the reason almost all homes of affluence feature bathrooms designed to offer an atmosphere of peace and quiet. If you are upgrading your home and […]

6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Home Spa7 May, 2019

Have you ever stepped into the bathroom of a wealthy homeowner or five-star hotel and felt instantly transported into the lap of luxury? The gorgeous bathrooms on display in the pages of popular interior décor magazines have the extraordinary power of luring us into wanting to create a similar mini paradise of our own. If […]

Spa Pools30 Apr, 2019

The Many Advantages of Portable Spa Pools Not many things are as relaxing and pleasurable as soaking in a spa bath. The feeling of the bubbles against the skin, the massage provided by the water jets, and the soft sound of the water can be infinitely decadent. It helps us to relax, to sit back […]

Cloud Island Deluxe Bath29 Apr, 2019

Enjoy the Benefits of the Cloud Island Deluxe Bath from Summer Place There are few things as soothing and relaxing as enjoying a spa bath. The luxuriousness of the bubbles against the skin, the comfort of the massage by the water jets, and the sheer bliss that a spa bath can provide are hard to […]

Moderno Duo Bath11 Mar, 2019

Experience the Luxury of the Moderno Duo Bath in Your Home! Whether you are planning a bathroom upgrade or building a new home and want the most luxurious bathroom possible, one of the most critical decisions you will have to make is which type of bath to choose. The choice will usually centre around whether […]

Commercial Spas and Jetted Baths11 Mar, 2019

Let Your Clients Enjoy the Luxury of Commercial Spas And Jetted Baths From Summer Place! The very thought of a spa bath or jetted bath brings along a feeling of indulgence and luxury. Being able to soak in the bubbly bath at the end of the day, while jets softly massage your body is a […]

What is Jacuzzi Bath?8 Feb, 2019

“What Is a Jacuzzi Bath?” and Other Common Questions About the Spa Bath Industry It may seem strange, but not everybody knows what a Jacuzzi bath is. There is also a vast array of other questions that get asked by people when they start investigating the possibility of getting a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Here, […]

Spa Baths for Sale8 Feb, 2019

Why You Should Check Out the New Spa Baths for Sale at Summer Place When people think of spa baths, they automatically think of a most luxurious and relaxing experience. Most people think, however, that spa baths or Jacuzzis cost a lot of money, and yet, this is not always the case. There are many […]

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