Buying a Spa in Gauteng27 Aug, 2018

Having access to your own spa is always very enjoyable. Not only is it convenient, but it also allows you to completely relax and unwind after a busy day. This is something that not everyone can enjoy, mostly because people are in general too busy to take the time out of their busy schedule and […]

Buying from a Reputable Spa Supplier27 Aug, 2018

By installing a spa bath in your bathroom you will benefit from endless hours of enjoyment after a long day’s work. There are so many products that you can choose from to upgrade your bathroom and most of them require little or no modification or plumbing changes at all. This is a great benefit for […]

A Professional Bath Supplier at Your Doorstep27 Aug, 2018

A bath is without a doubt one of the most important things in any home as it helps to improve and maintain our overall health. Just imagine for a moment how absolutely filthy you would feel if you had to skip bathing once, not to mention how it will affect your overall health. So yes, […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Baths in the World27 Aug, 2018

Here at Summer Place, we are proud to be considered as one of the best bath suppliers in South Africa. We offer only the highest quality products, and have been told that our services cannot be faulted. Each and every bath tub we sell is elegant and beautiful, and really adds a touch of luxury […]

How to Undertake Your Own Spa Repairs27 Aug, 2018

A spa bath is a luxurious item to have in your house, and one that promotes health and wellbeing. To get the best out of it, it is often best to know how to look after it properly and how to undertake your own basic spa bath repairs if needed – although professional help on […]

Top Uses for Jacuzzis27 Aug, 2018

Portable Jacuzzi prices are a lot lower than they used to be. These luxury items have gone from being available only for the rich and famous, to being available to pretty much anyone. Because they are so popular, there has been a lot of research undertaken regarding Jacuzzis. Now we can offer you not only […]

Choosing the Perfect Luxury Spa Bath for Your Home27 Aug, 2018

While bath tubs seem to be a common item found in homes today, this was not always the case. In fact, when tubs first made their appearance onto the market they were seen as luxuries only to be afforded by those with swanky jobs and desire to indulge. These days; to have a bath tub […]

Transform Your Bathroom with One of Our Luxury Baths27 Aug, 2018

What could possibly beat the feeling of knowing that can return home after a long hard day’s work and soak in a hot bathtub with your favourite beverage in hand and soft music playing in the background? Everyone needs a way to relax, unwind and de-stress and for many, having the opportunity of a long […]

Summer Place Leading Supplier of Modern Spa Baths in South Africa27 Aug, 2018

Over recent years more and more people have become in touch with what will make them happy, relaxed and calm and for many a long hot soak in the bathtub after work is the perfect way. Gone are the days where all home owners were simply happy to have a standard size functional bathtub installed […]

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Your Own Home27 Aug, 2018

Hydrotherapy is well known to promote relaxation, improve general fitness, mobilize joints, help develop coordination and balance, help relieve pain and strengthen the muscles. Hydrotherapy benefits in warm water in conjunction with exercise decreases muscle spasm and promotes muscular relaxation, buoyancy promoted gravity, due to the body being resistant to water it strengthens the muscles, […]

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