Spa Bath Prices | Luxury Baths at Competitive Prices

Spa Bath Prices | Luxury Baths at Competitive Prices

Discover the Best Spa Bath Prices at Summer Place

Summer Place provides high-quality spa baths at the best spa bath prices. With our extensive range of luxury baths, we guarantee that you will find the perfect bath with the ideal features for a relaxing at-home bathing experience.


Cloud Island Standard

Spa Bath Prices

The Cloud Island Standard is a testament to classic elegance and functionality at competitive spa bath prices. This model is perfect for those who want to experience the luxury of a jetted bath without breaking the bank.


  • Size: Generous dimensions for ultimate relaxation
  • Jets: Equipped with multiple strategically placed jets
  • Material: Made from high-quality acrylic for durability and ease of maintenance


Cloud Island Deluxe

For an elevated spa experience, the Cloud Island Deluxe offers additional features and enhanced comfort.


  • Extra Jets: More jets than the Standard model for a deeper massage
  • Massage: Large centre air jets for a powerful deep-tissue massage
  • Controls: Two air controls and two on/off jet buttons for easy access


Moderno Duo Island

The Moderno Duo Island is designed for individuals who enjoy spaciousness in their spa bath.


  • Dual Zones: Separate controls for each side, allowing personalised settings
  • Filtration: A silent filter keeps the water clean and clear
  • Stylish Finish: High-quality finishes for your modern home

Moderno Island

The Moderno Island combines modern aesthetics with advanced functionality, making it a popular choice.


  • Compact Size: Ideal for smaller bathrooms without compromising on features
  • Adjustable Jets: Customise the jet intensity and direction.
  • Filtration: Pop-up waste disposal is available for this model.

Parisienne Standard

The Parisienne Standard exudes classic charm and is perfect for those who appreciate traditional elegance.


  • Design: Oval jetted bath with soft lines and convex backrests for comfort
  • Massage Jets: Strategically placed for optimal muscle relief
  • Easy Maintenance: Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning


The Sicilia model offers a blend of style and therapeutic benefits, ideal for those seeking a holistic spa experience.


  • Hydrotherapy Jets: Three 90L per minute Centre Air Jets positioned to target feet and thighs
  • Spacious Interior: Ample room for a full-body soak
  • Sophisticated Look: Elegant design that enhances bathroom aesthetics


For those looking for a luxurious and spacious spa bath, the Venus is an excellent choice.


  • Large Capacity: Accommodates more than one person comfortably
  • Controls: Fitted for ease of use with dual silent air controls
  • Size: This bath is our largest jetted bath available with a total of 16 jets.

Summer Place prides itself on offering the best spa bath prices, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect model to suit their needs and budget. Explore our full range of spa baths at Summer Place and transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

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