Spas – Where to Find the Perfect Types of Spas for Your Needs

Spas – Where to Find the Perfect Types of Spas for Your Needs

How and Where to Find the Perfect Spa for Your Needs


When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, few experiences can rival the blissful ambience of a spa. Finding the perfect spa tailored to your needs can make all the difference in your quest for ultimate relaxation. At Summer Place, we take pride in offering a diverse range of luxurious spas that cater to your individual preferences and desires.


Our Exclusive Spa Categories


At Summer Place, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to spa experiences. That’s why we offer an array of exclusive spas divided into two distinct categories: our Spa Collection and our Portable Spas. Each of these categories is designed to provide you with a unique and unforgettable spa experience.


Our Spa Collection



Our Spa Collection is a testament to our commitment to luxury and innovation. Here’s a glimpse of some of the remarkable models in this collection:


  1. Lusso Portable: If you desire the flexibility to move your spa around, the Lusso Portable model is a perfect choice. It combines luxury and convenience, offering you the ultimate relaxation experience wherever you please.


  1. Lusso In-ground: For those looking to create a spa oasis seamlessly integrated into their outdoor space, the Lusso In-ground model offers a stunning solution. It’s perfect for homeowners who want a spa that’s both stylish and discreet.


  1. Gemini: The Gemini series comes in three variants/sizes – Gemini, Mini Gemini, and Mini Gemini Flush-deck. This versatile range allows you to choose a spa that fits your space while enjoying the same exceptional features and quality.


  1. Classic: Our Classic spa model exudes timeless elegance and is perfect for those seeking a traditional spa experience with modern comforts.


  1. Classic Flush-deck: For a spa that seamlessly blends with your existing deck or patio, the Classic Flush-deck model is the ideal choice. It offers a sleek and integrated look that enhances your outdoor living space.


Factors That Influence Your Spa Choice


Choosing the perfect spa is a personal journey, and several factors can influence your decision. Keep the following in mind while browsing our website looking for the perfect spa for you:


  • The location of the spa
  • The available space
  • Portable or fixed spa unit
  • Size and Shape
  • Capacity
  • Additional Features
  • Efficiency
  • Jets
  • Manufacturer


Indulge in Superb Spa Luxury


Summer Place is South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxurious spas, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We understand that choosing the perfect spa is a personal journey, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


To explore our full range of spas and find the one that suits you best, visit our website. For expert guidance and personalised attention, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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