Lusso Portable Spa

Summer Place have designed a clean lined portable spa with exceptional features and comfort in mind. A beautiful rich composite timber surround that requires no maintenance and is stain and fade resistant ensuring your spa looks like new for many years to come.

Product Features

NewTechWood composite timber

Modern Surround

Set in a NewTechWood composite timber surround that requires no maintenance and carries a 25 year limited warranty.

water circulation


A small circulation pump and pre-set filtration cycles ensure filtration at the most strategic times ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

portable spa filter


Filters load from the top and are easy to remove for cleaning purposes.

spa massage jets

Massage Jets

20 jets including the 12 micro jets providing “Shiatsu or Fingertip” type massage.

spa temperature control

Temperature Control

Digitally controlled temperature settings.

healthy sterile water

Ozone Technology

An optional ozone generator ensures healthy sterile water at all times.

portable spa underwater light


An optional underwater light in blue creates a beautiful ambience at night.

portable spa draining

Easy Drain & Refill

Draining of the spa is via a layflat hose that rolls up neatly behind one of two access doors and filling is with a hose pipe.

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    Therapy Features

    1. Power Flo Three Cluster

    Tension relief massaging trapezius upper shoulders and firm back massage. Powerflo 3 Cluster with directional water flow and pressure adjustment, with variable air pressure mix for your every need. Ideal for shoulders, quadriceps, stimulation and toning for suppleness.

    2. Hot Seat

    Para spinal muscles and meridian flow channels. A merging of Japanese custom and Chinese culture resulted in a method called Shiatsu, or “Fingertip pressure”. When practiced correctly Shiatsu can restore and maintain the equilibrium and rhythm of the body’s energy flow. Twelve micro jets designed to do just that at variable pressure

    3. Volcano Jet

    Quick recovery and supple massage at variable water/air pressures: 150 litres per minute flow rate for firm wide area deep sport’s massage to hamstrings, thighs, calf muscles and quadriceps

    4. P30 Centre Air Induction Jet

    This is the industry’s premium jet unit that due to its massive air flow delivers an extremely powerful but safe massage.


    Deep seating with a large footwell and a lounger ensures comfort for 5 adult users.

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      Installation of the Lusso Portable spa is quick and simple. All you need is a level stable surface  an appropriate electrical supply and a garden hose . Unlike other home additions its portability is a huge asset as the spa does not belong to the house , it belongs to you and you can take it with you when you move.

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