Lusso InGround Spa

The Lusso Spa has clean lines and has been designed to give the most with the least waste of space. The large footwell and the comfortable recliner make this a very popular option. The ability of this design to accommodate a 12 Micro Jet “Hot Seat ” , Volcano Jet and Stack of 3 Powerflo jets in addition to 3 of the best Spa jets in the world in the form of the 3 x P30 Centrally Air Induced high pressure jets allows this spa to cater to everybody`s hydrotherapy/massage needs. From those looking for an invigorating sports massage to those wanting gentle relaxation the Lusso Spa has you covered.


  • Capacity 1300 L
  • Weight (Empty) 80 Kg
  • Weight (Full) 1380 Kg
  • Seating 5-6 Persons


  • 6 x P30 Jets
  • Vertical Air System
  • Floating Blanket
  • Spa Wand
  • Weir



  • Combined Jet option converts the Lusso from the standard offering of 6 x P30 jets to a 12 Micro Jet “Hot Seat” , Volcano Jet , Stack of 3 PowerFlo Jets ,1 X PowerFlo Foot Jet and 3 x P30 central air induction jets.
  • Underwater Light
  • Ozonator
  • Hard Cover


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