Selecting the Perfect Spas Before You Buy

Selecting the Perfect Spas Before You Buy

Spend Some Time Selecting the Perfect Spas Before Buying

There is much more to shopping for spas than first meets the eye. It’s not just a matter of picking the unit you like best from a showroom’s display of exciting products or selecting a model online, placing your order and paying.


Choose the Spa that Best Suits You

If you approach this matter wisely, you’ll want to choose one of our luxury spas that best suits your unique needs. That means you should investigate our premium collection of spas and consider the unique features each product has to offer.


Size and Shape Matter

Spas are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The most popular shapes include square and circular units, whilst sizes mainly depend on four principal factors:

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  • The number of persons you want to accommodate
  • The desired location of the unit
  • The available space in the area in which you intend to install it (Consider the measurements of the spa in relation to measurements of the area in which it is to be located, remembering to allow for sufficient clear space around the tub to permit users safe, easy and convenient access.)
  • Your must-have features

Because well-established, reputable suppliers of top quality, high-end spas, like Summer Place, offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes. So, you’re presented with numerous options and are sure to find several models that provide you with the best, most optimal fit for an enjoyable spa experience – every time.


Gemini Range

Summer Place’s Gemini spas are offered in three variants so that you can find one that ideally serves your needs according to your preferences:

  • Gemini – a circular unit, featuring an all-around bench seat which can comfortably accommodate six to seven persons. Its maximum articulation provides great therapeutic benefits. This spa is ideal for sharing a sensational experience with friends and family.
  • Mini Gemini – more compact than the Gemini and available in two types of fittings – one standard and the other a mini Flushdeck version.


Classic Collection

Featuring elegant, enduring, classic design lines, Summer Place’s spa collection also includes:

  • Classic – as standard, accommodates five to six aficionados who relish classic comfort that includes moulded back rests, plus an anti-splash channel to keep surroundings neat.
  • Classic Flushdeck – incorporates Summer Place’s unique overflow system, and the features of the standard Classic model and seats up to seven persons


Lusso Spas

Our Lusso units are available in two fitting/installation versions:

  • Lusso In-ground – seats five to six people and offers the most whilst wasting no space to accommodate a host of outstanding features, including excellent levels of massage and hydrotherapy. Many more advanced features and options are available.
  • Lusso Portable Spa – our latest addition to our stunning range comfortably seats five adults for a superb spa experience.


Select Summer Place

Our luxurious spa options feature far more than what is shared above. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be delighted to offer you more information about our therapeutic products.

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