Equipment Vital for Spas

Equipment Vital for Spas

Luxury Jetted Tubs: Equipment Vital for Spas


No health resort is complete without a luxury jetted bath to relax in. Not only are our spas great for relieving stress, but they also have many other benefits.

When purchasing equipment, such as spa baths for your retreat, it’s important to find top-tier pieces that will leave your guests feeling revitalised and refreshed.


Try Our New Portable Spas

Lusso Portable Jacuzzi - Spas


We stock a variety of different spa baths, perfect for any high-end health resort. The newest addition to our collection is the Lusso Portable Spa. What makes it different from any other bath is that it can be moved if your business changes to a different location. See the rest of its features listed below:

  • Easy installation – The only requirements are that it’s placed on a durable and flat surface near an electrical outlet and close to a hose for filling up.
  • Contemporary design – With its modern surround made of low upkeep NewTechWood, it’s no hassle to keep it in top condition for years to come. The best part is that this sleek timber frame comes with a 25-year limited warranty.
  • Energy efficient – Our Lusso spas come equipped with a small circulation pump that filters water at specific intervals, keeping power usage to a minimum.
  • Effortless cleaning – Filters are simple to remove and clean as they are inserted from the top of the bath.
  • Simple drainage – To empty the tub, it features a lay-flat hose that can be accessed via one of the two easy-access wooden doors.
  • Hassle-free settings – To adjust the heat, you’ll find a digital temperature control panel, hidden behind the access doors.
  • Ample seating – The spa bath is large enough to seat up to five adults comfortably.
  • Optional extras – For an additional fee, you can install a blue underwater light to add to the tranquil ambience or try the ozone generator, which keeps the water sterilised.

If this list of features is not ample enough for you, it also contains 20 massage jets, 12 of which are microjets offering additional Shiatsu massage options for increased comfort and relief.


Read more about Luxury Baths and Spas for Your Lodge Accommodation here.


What’s Next? Massage Therapy Features

Lusso Portable spas offer multiple massaging opportunities, with various jets that target each area of the body separately. One of these includes the Volcano Jet aimed at different leg muscles as a deep sports massage. Other types include the Hot Seat, Power Flo Three Cluster, and P30 Centre Air Induction Jet.


Also, see our other spas available on our website and request a quote if you’re ready to purchase your preferred piece of luxury.

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