Luxury Baths and Spas

Luxury Baths and Spas

Luxury Baths and Spas for Your Lodge Accommodation

A vacation isn’t a holiday without relaxation. What better way to get rid of stress than with luxury baths and spas? If you own or plan to buy a lodge, guesthouse, hotel, or guest farm, you need to think of luxuries that will leave your visitors satisfied. A huge part of paying more for the best accommodation is the fact that you can indulge in a bathroom fitted to impress.

Ample reasons exist to invest in quality bathroom units, especially if you plan on having a day spa at your resort. Below are some of them:

  • With top of the range baths and spas, you create the feeling of sophistication.
  • Luxury baths and spas are superb for relieving muscle tension and leave patrons feeling better than ever.
  • Great for rejuvenation after long game walks or strenuous activities.


Bushveld Views Are Better in Luxury Spas and Baths

bath jetWith a wide selection of luxury free-standing baths to choose from, you can turn a deck overlooking the wild landscape into the most magnificent space. Imagine how magical it will be for potential customers if they see a photo of a log cabin with a stunning oval-shaped bath on the veranda? This way, the excitement never ends as your visitors can watch the sunset while bathing and possibly spot an elephant or two. Remember the more pictures they take, the more free publicity you get.

A spa at your main lodge to encourage socialising can be just as rewarding. Nobody wants to spend their vacation without meeting new people, and there is no better way than sharing luxury spas over drinks in the Bushveld. Our classic Flushdeck spa is perfect to spruce up the communal area without creating a giant water spill on deck. It seats seven, so it can fit quite a few guests. The best part is that it comes with a unique overflow system.


Hiking or Walking Through the Woods Can Be Tiring

The more you offer, the more people will want to visit. However, sometimes activities can be just as exhausting as they are entertaining. Thus, patrons might not always get the chance to experience the luxury resort the way it is meant to be. That’s why most high-end places with activities like these offer massages, aromatherapy, and all kinds of relaxing activities such as water relaxation in spas to keep the visitors from feeling like they haven’t got a chance to unwind.

With the right choice of luxury spas and baths, you don’t even need a full massage team and other equipment. Take, for example, our Lusso Inground Spa. It features six P30 jets located in exactly the right spots to give in to the massage desires. It has a capacity of 1 300 litres and seating for up to six at a time. Even if you still go with a traditional spa centre something as luscious as this can surely up the standard.


Getting Deep Rest in Unfamiliar Places

Just as patrons are expected not to disturb the wild animals through loud noises at night, you want them to feel comfortable sleeping in the beds provided. A well-rested person is friendlier and able to enjoy daily activities.

Sometimes difficult people who already have problems sleeping at their own homes arrive at your doorstep. These customers require extra care and can sometimes seem unsatisfied with everything, even when nothing is wrong. Have you ever thought that they might just be tired?

If a luxury bed isn’t doing the trick, a jetted bath might. It has been said that taking a warm bath at night helps to relax the body and prepare it for the night’s rest. This is due to the temperature drop in the body when getting out of the tub. With a couple of jets soothing the muscle pain, no guest will be able to miss a good night’s rest, not even the difficult patron. The combination of the best baths and your expert bed and blanket choices can make all the difference.


Final Thought

Don’t let an average bathroom stop you from getting the five-star rating your accommodation establishment deserves. Browse the luxury baths and spas available and make sure no one leaves your lodge without praise for its opulence and comfort.

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