Spa Pools Are Luxurious Additions

Spa Pools Are Luxurious Additions

Spa Pools Are Luxurious Additions to a Property 

Generally speaking, the inclusion of a property which features a swimming pool is sought after by various prospective buyers. A few don’t fancy taking on the responsibility of maintaining a pool that’s large enough for swimming. This begs the question: “How do people feel about having a luxurious spa pool?”


Valued and Sought-After Spa Pools

When it comes to a spa pool, its desirability is an entirely different matter. Invariably, the use of an on-site spa pool at home is something to which many aspire. Consequently, properties that feature private, exclusive spas are valued and sought after, because such appointments are indicative of a luxury lifestyle.

At Summer Place Spas and Baths, we’ve seldom come across anyone who wouldn’t revel in the luxury of sensational sessions in a spa pool. This is especially true if it’s a spa that’s manufactured and supplied us – South Africa’s premier producer of luxury jetted spa pools and baths.


The Impact of Spa Pools on Property Value

Does a spa pool have a positive impact on a property’s value, or not? There’s no clear-cut “yes” or “no” answer because not all spas are created equal. Let’s address the pros and cons before attempting to estimate the potential value-add when installing a spa pool on your property.


Factors that Determine a “Yes”

Spa Pool - Spas

If your answer to the property value increase is a “yes”, you’ve ticked the following factors:

  • The selected flush-deck or in-ground spa is installed as a permanent fixture; it forms a valued part of the property.
  • Your spa pool is designed by experts who take the latest European trends and innovations into account.
  • Every aspect of the manufacturing process and workmanship is meticulously executed.
  • Products are recognised, respected and specified by this country’s top architects, designers and specifiers.
  • The spa is manufactured by Summer Place Spas and Baths, the leading manufacturer of these products in South Africa.
  • Top-quality spa pools are matched with outstanding backup service.
  • The tub offers health-boosting hydrotherapy benefits.
  • All components, especially jets and drainage systems, are of durable quality.


Value As Is

When products present with pros, they typically have cons too. If the following spa pool factors apply, it’s possible that the impact on the value of the property may not be particularly significant:

  • The product’s build materials, components and workmanship are inferior.
  • The spa is portable, which generally indicates that the tub’s owner may decide to take it with them when they move. A portable pool isn’t a fixture.


Impact on Lifestyle Value

Regardless of which Summer Place type and model you choose, your spa pool will increase and improve the incalculable value of your enhanced luxury lifestyle and the benefits offered by regular healthy hydrotherapy treatments. Get in touch with us to ensure that you receive the best products and services.

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