Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

4 Convincing Reasons to Upgrade to a Jetted Corner Bath

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Are you looking to upgrade your bath tub but have limited space? Perhaps you could consider the many benefits of corner baths, especially the whirlpool and jetted types, which never seem to go out of style.


Corner Baths are Great for Those Confined Spaces

Some room shapes make it difficult to create interesting fixture layouts. However, with the corner units, you can add a tub to even the most confined of spaces. Whether the room has a rectangular, round, square or octagonal shape, with one of our whirlpool units to fit into a nook, you are set for luxury, elegance, comfort and a stunning layout. You don’t need a long wall or rectangular room layout as is often needed with a tub that has to be against a wall. Any nook will do, making the jetted tub the ideal solution for a confined space.


A Corner Bath Is A Eye-Catching Centrepiece

Who said the best feature of the room should be in the middle? With the jetted tub, the corner will attract attention, regardless of the size of the room. Nook units are not the norm. For this specific reason alone, your guests will immediately notice the stunning tub with its smooth lines, comfortable seating, and plush jets. Adding such a tub immediately upgrades the interior to the level of opulence, suited for a presidential suite of a luxury hotel.


Get More Floor Space With A Corner Bath

If you don’t have all the floor space you want for the room, then you’ll want to buy a whirlpool tub. Even though it offers more seating and comfort space than many of the luxury rectangular-shaped tubs, it helps to save on floor space. A conventionally shaped tub takes up more floor space, even in a rectangularly shaped room. With the corner unit, you create more walk-in areas. Additionally, you might even be able to fit a luxurious shower without having the space feel cramped.


A Corner Bath Provides Comfort Beyond Imagination

Forget about the confined space of a conventional tub, leaving little room to change position. With the modern luxury whirlpool tub, you have an unusual layout, almost like a lounge in the water. With this set-up, you can have lounge seating and make the bath a place where your partner can join in on the luxurious hydrotherapy made possible with the built-in water jets.


Key Takeaways

Comfort, space-saving, added style, perfect for confined spaces and functionality are keywords that come to mind when thinking of a corner bath. Experience these benefits in your own home. Choose a jetted tub from our selection to upgrade your bathroom. Contact us Today for your upgrade!


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