The most recent addition to the Summer Place range is the Capri. Sharing with your partner or indulging alone in the clean lines of this twin corner bath, the Capri brings Shiatsu massage into the closeness of your own home.

The ancient eastern culture of Shiatsu, or “fingertip pressure,” restores and maintains the equilibrium and rhythm of the body’s energy flow through the para spinal muscles and flow channels. Six variable micro jets at either end of the Capri bath provide an invigorating Shiatsu massage. The micro jets can be used alone or in conjunction with five 90 litres per minute Summer Place Centre Air Jets. An innovative and technology-based approach is clearly evident in the Capri bath.


  • Length 2120 MM
  • Width 1510 MM
  • Height 600 MM
  • Tub Weight 75 Kg
  • Load on Floor 269 kg / m2
  • Shipping Weight 125 kg


  • Capacity 320 L
  • Suction fittings 2
  • Micro jets 12
  • Whirlpool fittings 5
  • Water capacity 800 L/min
  • Air capacity 260 L/min

Shipping Volume

  • Length 1600 mm
  • Width 1600 mm
  • Height 750 mm
  • Metres3 1.92

Electrical Details

  • Volts 220
  • Electric pumps 2 x 1.1 kW / 50 Hz


  • Five 90L per minute Centre Air Jets
  • Two sets of 6 Shiatsu Micro Jets (either end of bath)
  • Two Water Intakes (not shown)
  • Two On/Off Buttons
  • Two Air Controls
  • Silent Filler (optional)
  • Inline Heater (optional)
  • 2 x Headrests (included)
  • Two Pumps
  • Sound Proof Front Panel (optional)
  • Pop up Waste (included)
  • Convex Back Supports and Recessed Jets at both ends of bath

Unique Features

  • Hotseat & Jets
  • This twin pump bath accommodates 17 jets with 6 Shiatsu micro jets at each end along with 2 powerful HJE jets either side of them.
  • The massage options and combinations in this bath are unsurpassed.

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