Top-Quality Jetted Corner Baths

Top-Quality Jetted Corner Baths

Home of South Africa’s Most Exclusive, Top-Quality Jetted Corner Baths

Much to the delight of homeowners, health spas and the hospitality industry at large, there are numerous options from which to choose when deciding on bathtubs, providing that you’re able to pick from the best on offer. The ultimate, most luxurious choices are unquestionably premium quality jetted corner baths, obtainable from the home of some of South Africa’s most exclusive spas and baths, Summer Place.


Superior Jetted Corner Baths Last Longer

Not all jetted corner baths measure up to the superior standards of Summer Place’s premium products. A jetted bath, particularly one that is built into a corner is a fixture, not something that one changes or replaces on a whim. It’s advisable to acquire the best product within your means because a superior product invariably lasts longer.


Top Quality is Paramount

Moreover, these jetted bathtubs are equipped with specialised, complex components, which enable them to function as per their sophisticated specifications. Consequently, top quality is paramount throughout all elements and features of the Summer Place tub.

If superior quality is assured throughout the bath, including its build quality and standard of workmanship, the tub’s trouble-free use and longevity are enhanced, as is the occupants’ safety.


Enduring Aesthetic Appeal

There’s nothing ordinary about our jetted corner baths. When it comes to designs, these products’ sleek, uncluttered lines add a sophisticated touch to any space allowing you to truly appreciate their universal, enduring and classic aesthetic appeal.

See what’s on offer by visiting a Summer Place showroom and/or browsing through the latest cutting-edge jetted corner baths on offer in South Africa.


Benefits of Jetted Corner Tubs

Some of the benefits you can enjoy include:corner baths - Jetted Corner Baths

  • They are space-saving options, leaving no empty, unused and wasted corner spaces.
  • There are no hard-to-reach floor surfaces that require cleaning because these baths fit snugly into a corner.
  • A luxurious ambience is added to the room.
  • Strategically placed jets relax and massage the body.
  • Various jets may target specific parts of the body for a restorative and therapeutic experience.
  • Enjoy the ample benefits of hydrotherapy treatments whenever you like in the comfort of your own home, including gentle massages for pain relief.
  • The sound of gently bubbling, moving water serves as an additional, natural relaxant for the mind and body offering an immersive experience to fully de-stress.


Indulge in the Ultimate Luxury of Jetted Corner Baths

Why settle for less when you can have more? You can indulge in the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic jetted hydrotherapy sessions while soaking in a pristine, pure white corner bath, right in the privacy of your bathroom. Choose Summer Place’s premium products for “nothing to lose and everything to gain” health-enhancing at-home hydrotherapy benefits. Contact us to create a relaxing oasis in your bathroom.

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