Luxury of Corner Baths

Luxury of Corner Baths

The Luxury of Corner Baths – Everything Your Heart Desires

Some luxuries are just worth it, and corner baths fit the profile. If you have never considered upgrading your bathrooms with units that take up less floor space, but offer lavishness that every guest envies and appreciates, then it is time to consider the benefits and features of these units.


What are the benefits of corner baths?corner baths

Saving on floor space is the first benefit that comes to mind. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can fit one of these tubs to enjoy the luxuries of a jetted spa tub and have enough walk area and space for basins, a shower unit, and toilet.

Exceptional beauty is another benefit that comes to mind. If plushness could be rated in terms of bathrooms, then the addition of island and corner baths is one way to get a few bonus points. Regardless of whether for the guest bathroom, the main en-suite or the family bathroom, this type of tub adds a new layer of luxury to the home.

Superb usage of wall space is a third benefit not to overlook. By using the walls where they connect, you add functionality to that area of the room. Instead of an empty space, it is filled with a functional item. This placement also means using up less wall space, enabling you to use the rest for cupboards, basins, seating or towel racks.

Loads of seating space in the tub is another benefit. The design allows for more bathing space, which adds to the comfort profile of the tub.


Examples of corner baths

Summer Place offers a comprehensive range of jetted spa tubs for the home. These tubs are fitted with an array of state-of-the-art jets, strategically placed to provide water massages. With these, you get the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own home.



Mention luxury and the Genoa comes to mind. It is also one of the most popular jetted tubs in the corner range because of its unique design and spaciousness. The plush tub comes with two headrests for maximum comfort and features a cluster of six Shiatsu jets among its many amazing features.



As the name suggests, the Venus has been designed for royalty. It is fitting for the presidential or honeymoon suite but can also be at home in your bathroom. The twin bath comes with strategically placed Summer Place air jets for maximum massaging in addition to Shiatsu microjets.

These are only two of the corner baths available from us. View our full range and reach out for a quote or visit one of our showrooms across South Africa to purchase the tub of choice.

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