Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

The Purpose and Benefits of Spa Pools

Often referred to as hot tubs, spa pools are swimming pool and spa bath combinations. You get the best of both worlds. Instead of just having a whirlpool or a place to splash, you get the benefits of a hydrotherapy massage and a water relaxation spot in one.

The purpose and benefits of a spa pool are almost indistinguishable. Let’s have a closer look.

Spa Pool

  1. Spa Pools Relief Stress Relief

Immersing in water helps with stress relief. Whether you enjoy letting go of the day’s stresses in a lounger with friends or appreciate alone time in the water, your body and mind get the chance to relax. Increased blood circulation helps the body to get rid of stress build-up and this reduces pain and discomfort. Improved blood circulation also means improved oxygen supply to all parts of the body, helping to rejuvenate the body and speed up healing processes.


  1. Fun Place for Luxurious Relaxation

What better place to enjoy family time than in one of our deck spa pools? While you unwind after a week of work and business decisions, you’re ready for luxury water jetted pampering. All the while, you get to lounge in the same water haven with family or friends.


  1. Improve Cognitive Processing

Perhaps the last thing on your mind when you get into one of our luxury spa pools is how immersing in the water while enjoying water massages can help you think clearer. Improved blood circulation also means more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, giving the cognitive centre of your body exactly what it needs to come up with solutions for problems, creative ideas, and enjoy better processing power.


  1. Improved Skin Health and Hair Growth

It seems that better blood circulation is at the heart of many health improvements. With blockages causing joint pains, back pains, and stiff muscles, your body benefits from the gentle, smoothing immersion in water. Add to it heat and jets, and you have a luxury combination of hydrotherapies right in your home. These all have several reported benefits for your health. For one, you can get rid of aches and pains in a natural way.


  1. Luxury Addition to Your Home

Apart from several health and wellbeing benefits, the addition of luxury spa pools to homes, guesthouses, and lodges adds resale value. If you want one upgrade to your residence that will put the home in a higher price bracket, then we recommend taking a look at our range of spa pools from which you can select one that fits your lifestyle needs.


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