Spa Pools

Spa Pools

The Many Advantages of Portable Spa Pools

Not many things are as relaxing and pleasurable as soaking in a spa bath. The feeling of the bubbles against the skin, the massage provided by the water jets, and the soft sound of the water can be infinitely decadent. It helps us to relax, to sit back and enjoy, to soak away aches and pains, and to improve our sleep.

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The many benefits of spa pools have been documented for years. This is why so many establishments, such as hotels and gyms, provide spa pools for their customers. The interest in residential spa pools has also grown over the decades, and while it used to be a status symbol to have a Jacuzzi or spa bath, it has now become a more regular feature in homes everywhere around the world.

Often, however, people want to invest in a spa bath, but do not have enough room to dedicate to a permanent spa bath. This is why portable spa pools are becoming more and more popular. They offer all the benefits of a permanently installed hot tub or Jacuzzi, plus added benefits! These include the following:

  • Portability: If you want to move your spa pool to a different location, you can! You may want to have it on your patio in the shade during summer and out in the garden in the sun in the winter. You may want to move it from inside to outside at times, or you may even be moving it to another home. All of this is possible with portable spa pools. They can be installed on almost any flat, sturdy surface, which means that they are highly practical when it comes to moving them around to different locations.


  • Easy installation: Because portable spa pools are designed to be moved around, setting them up and installing them is a doddle. All that is needed is an electrical outlet and a hose that is long enough to reach the spa pool. No other plumbing or building is required, and it is simple enough to be installed by one person. There is also no need to dig up the yard or apply for building permissions. Setting up portable spa pools is also a lot faster than building in a permanent Jacuzzi. No need to wait for the space to be created, for concrete to dry, for plumbers and electricians to get the job done, or for tile grouting to dry. Simply unpack your portable spa pool from the flat pack and set it up, plug it in, and fill it up. It is ready for use within an hour.


  • Cost effective: One of the biggest advantages of a portable spa pool is the price. They tend to cost a lot less than permanently installed spa pools because they do not need the intricate plumbing and electrical work that is required for a dug-in bath. The wiring and plumbing are also a lot easier to deal with, so as a result, they cost less. The installation of a permanent bath will often cost more – not only because the unit costs more, but also because labour is needed to create a suitable site for the bath to be installed.


  • Low maintenance: There is virtually no maintenance needed on a portable spa pool. All you have to do is keep the bath and water clean. You may have to drain and refill the water occasionally, but because most of these pools are self-cleaning with surface skimmers, they are easy to clean. It may occasionally be required to put in some chemicals to keep the water clean.


  • Water-wise: Because portable spa pools tend to be smaller than permanent spa pools, they use less water. This means that they are more water-friendly and that you can save on water.


At Summer Place, we provide our products to a wide range of customers throughout the country. Our jetted baths and Jacuzzis have been available in South Africa since the late sixties, which means that we have gained a lot of experience and built business relationships with very prominent manufacturers of spa pools. We provide the finest technology and innovation, and always look forward to serving our customers with pride and dedication.

Give our team a call to find out more about our portable spa pools.

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