Freestanding Baths Supplier

Freestanding Baths Supplier

5 Benefits of Freestanding Baths Straight from the Mouth of a Leading Spa Tub Supplier


Are you thinking of installing a hot tub before winter settles? The cold months are finally at our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to pack your bathing suit away. A tradition used in many cultures since ancient Egyptian and Roman times, spa baths are so much more than just a tool for scrubbing down after a hard day at the office. A hot tub is an enormous investment in health and wellbeing, especially during the winter months and Summer Place is here to find you the bath of your dreams.


  1. Daily Hot Winter Soaks Fights Colds, Sore Muscles, and Insomnia


Every winter, flu season hits. It’s a natural phenomenon. However, a good, long soak in a jetted, hydrotherapy hot tub fights colds, clears sinuses, relaxes the chest and lungs, soothes aching muscles, and induces better sleep patterns. Acting as a preventative measure and healing therapy while ill, dipping into a hot bath on rainy, chilly nights is invigorating. In fact, there is only one thing that beats sitting in a hot tub on wintry nights. That’s soaking in a freestanding hot tub – indoors or outdoors.


  1. Increases the Value of Property


There is something rather sentimental about a sleek, organic-curved contemporary or vintage freestanding bath, standing in a spacious room with natural light surrounded by indoor greenery. Similarly, a freestanding bath placed under the stars and surrounded by a bamboo screen is breathtaking. It is also an excellent feature to showcase when selling a home, adding interest and even boosting property value.


  1. A Spa-Like Wow-Factor That Adds Style and Elegance


Although the past two decades witnessed a wave of built-in combo’s taking the lead in bathroom renovations, freestanding baths are back by popular demand. A top trend in luxury hotels, lodges, bed-and-breakfasts, family homes, and loft apartments, freestanding baths are now the epitome of designing any luxury bathroom or outdoor spa-like space. They come in many material finishes, sizes from 5 to 6 ½ feet, and curvaceous organic shapes. From Victorian to contemporary, these beautifully crafted accessories lend a spa-like wow-factor that adds both style and elegance to any indoor or outdoor space.


  1. Adds Space and Minimalism


Today, more than ever, minimalism is the new trend in home design. Using the least to achieve the most, anyone can transform a small or lifeless bathroom into a space of healing and tranquility with just one or two accent pieces. One is a freestanding bath. There is nothing worse than a cramped bathroom, but you can give the illusion of space with a curvaceous oval or rectangular stand-alone. Whether the bathroom is tiny or big, you can create a clean, minimalist space by placing the bath in the middle of the bathroom, providing space to move around. Go one step further and pair the tub with patterned Moroccan tiles and a contemporary art piece complemented with a chandelier, and your bathroom will turn into a spa rather than a scrub-up room.


  1. Affordable and Easy Installation


Once a high-ticket item reserved only for the super-wealthy, these contemporary classics are now widely accessible and easy and cost-effective to install and maintain. Whereas built-in baths demand the cost of a contractor and a plumber, freestanding baths require only the cost of plumbing. As a result, the installation of a classic stand-alone or curvaceous organic freestanding tub is cost-effective.

Freestanding Baths


If you have never had the luxury of spending time in a natural hot-water spring over the winter months or a farmhouse in the middle of the Karoo with an outdoor freestanding hot tub under the stars, that’s okay. Today, spa bath suppliers make it easy for any homeowner, guest house, lodge, or anyone looking to install their very own freestanding hot tub – indoors or outdoors.


Summer Place is the Leading Supplier, Trendsetter, and Manufacturer of Spa Baths


As a leading baths supplier, trendsetter and manufacturer with a country-wide in-store and online network, we provide developers, architects, spas, sports clubs, gyms, and homeowners throughout South Africa with a wide range of traditional and contemporary classic and jetted built-in and freestanding spa bath models. Unmatched by any big-box supplier, we have one of the largest spa bath selections in South Africa, with bathroom accessories and baths that come in an array of designs, sizes and materials.

To get one installed before winter arrives or learn more about our stand-alone models, features, and maintenance plans, contact the team at Summer Place Spas & Baths.



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