A freestanding bath can act as a lovely addition to your home. It can also form a striking centrepiece for your bathroom, or even in a bedroom, and will definitely be an interesting topic of discussion among visitors. Buying a modern but conventionally styled bath can establish a striking feature in your home that really has a story to tell.

For those with contemporary tastes, modern-day freestanding baths come available in different sizes and shapes. Making use of modern design techniques and cutting-edge materials, these baths are able to move away from the traditional and expected, and do something bold and different.

For those who are short of space, a back-to-wall styled bath can provide you with the coveted look of the freestanding bathtub, but with a straighter edge, which fits up against the wall. This will save you valuable space in your bathroom. A corner style bath is also a great alternative, as it still makes better use of space by fitting it up beautifully against two walls.

Find Cutting-edge Free Standing Baths from Summer Place Spas & Baths

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we specialise in making the healing power of hydrotherapy available to South Africans from all walks of life. Our extensive range of commercial and luxury freestanding baths draws design inspiration from cutting-edge European trends, and each product is painstakingly adapted and customised to suit the tastes, conditions and preferences of South Africa’s discerning clientele.

There are various design elements that set our ranges apart from other products on the market. These include that our jets and jet clusters are effectively recessed into the walls of the baths. This serves to enhance the bather’s comfort, placing an emphasis on back and neck massaging. Our baths are self-draining systems, which only further ensures that plumbing and dry pumps remain hygienic at all times when the bath is emptied.

What Other Unique Features Further Enhance Summer Place Spas & Baths’ Free Standing Baths?

Throughout the years, much research has been done on the incredible health benefits of hydrotherapy. By incorporating the healing technology of hydrotherapy in our baths and Jacuzzis, we provide our customers with the technology that they need to achieve a greater standard of living and quality of life. The swirling and luxurious warm water in our baths will hold you captive and help you to relax.

We are proud of our extensive line of freestanding baths, but we also offer many other unique features and models. Our hot seats bring together a merging of Japanese custom and Chinese culture called Shiatsu and will help to maintain the body’s equilibrium and regulate the body’s energy flow. These are only a few of the many benefits associated with investing in us, at Summer Place Spas & Baths.

We have worked hard to grow into South Africa’s premier manufacturer of freestanding baths, spa baths, jetted baths and steam cabins since 1968. We are also proud of our recently unveiled and advanced range of water jets that are now included in all of our hydrotherapy products.

All of our products are manufactured using the best quality raw materials and are crafted with the detailed guidance of our senior technicians, who bring many years of experience to each unit. Our Silent Water Filler is designed to fit any bathtub. The unique appeal of our bath fixtures adds an elegant finishing touch to your luxury free standing bath or spa. It is also deck mounted and is available in the following finishes:

  • White;
  • Gold;
  • Chrome;
  • Satin Chrome; and
  • Satin nickel.

Aside from offering our valued customers the very best quality and most affordable free standing bath units, we also provide you with an excellent after-care service. For all of your spa, Jacuzzi and bath repairs, we should be your first point of call. We have all of the specialist tools to fix the fittings on our tubs at hand, and are well supplied with of all of the spare parts needed. To learn more about our extensive catalogue of quality freestanding baths and to find out how we can help you enjoy the benefits of our cutting-edge technology, contact us at Summer Place today.

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