A Spacious, Space-saving Luxury Corner Bath

A Spacious, Space-saving Luxury Corner Bath

A Spacious, Space-saving Luxury Corner Bath for a Restorative Bathing Experience

As an adult, you wouldn’t want to be sent to the corner for flouting a rule, since you’re not a child or a tantrum-throwing toddler. However, if the corner contains a stylish Summer Place corner bath, you might jump at the chance of spending time in the corner. You’d probably transgress deliberately just to indulge in the pure pleasure of relaxing in a state-of-the-art Summer Place corner tub.


Spacious yet Space-Saving Corner Bath

A corner bath can be an excellent space-saving unit, relative to the sizes and dimensions of typical tubs.capri corner baths - Corner Bath

Though the visual impression of corner units might make them seem considerably larger and bulkier before installation, when they are neatly fitted into their designated corners with walls on two sides and a luxurious appearance, you will be amazed at how much bathroom space you will have while still enjoying ample space when soaking in your new bathtub.

The open side of a Summer Place jetted corner bath is contoured, following an elegant, gently curved design, which allows the bather to enter and exit the tub along a wide accessible front that further enhances the unit’s unquestionable spaciousness and perceived size.


Innovative Jetted Systems

Some corner baths are fitted with air induction jets that are recognised worldwide for their technological excellence and performance, particularly in respect of hydrotherapy. The air that’s injected centrally with each jetted water stream in our bathtubs is three times more in volume than with any other available jet.

Our jet systems provide an unequalled deep-tissue hydrotherapy massage, as the air softens the water force that would otherwise be a powerful, penetrating and uncomfortable stream. Various jet systems are used, whilst the placement of the jets depends on the configuration of the corner bath’s interior contours.

  • Shiatsu Micro Jets – clustered in groups of 6 to 14 throughout the bath to provide a fingertip-type pressure massage, which covers more extensive areas of the body
  • P30 Centre Air Induction Jet – provides 130 litres of water per minute plus the airflow that is commensurate with the flow of water.
  • Volcano Jets – focuses on providing a deep sports massage, specifically targeted at the hamstrings, calves, thighs and quadriceps. Water/air pressure is variable.


Indulgence in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Having an exclusive, jetted corner bath in your private bathroom sanctuary ensures that you can indulge in an authentic spa and hydrotherapy experience right in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re building your home from scratch or refurbishing an older, outdated bathroom, now is the time to install a premium Summer Place corner bath. Rebalance your body, de-stress your mind and soothe your soul each time you take a bath. Should this appeal to you, be sure to contact us today to perfect your bath-time pleasure.

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