Quality Bath Tubs For Sale

Quality Bath Tubs For Sale

Luxury Honeymoon at Home –  Find Quality Bath Tubs for Sale

So, you have just started planning your first ever house with your partner? Why not consider installing a double-sized bath in the main bedroom? These units are ideal for relaxing without feeling cramped with one or two people sharing the space at a time. In addition, these jetted wonders are a superb alternative to buying an expensive Jacuzzi that takes a vast amount of power for only a couple of uses a year.

parisienne bathWe offer a full range of quality bath tubs for sale, all fitted with powerful jets, so you can enjoy that holiday feel right at home without having to spend a fortune on trips to remote resorts. Now you can create a paradise of relaxation at home. Imagine an open air space, your luxury tub, a glass of wine and your favourite book on a hot summer afternoon. If you feel inspired, head over to our product page to get an overview of the range of quality bath tubs for sale.


Quality Tubs for Sale: Perfect for Couples

We offer a large range of bath tubs for sale, suited for two people. See some of the best choices below:

  • Moderno Duo – For those who love to keep things organised in life, this chic and stylish rectangular unit is an excellent option. It’s fitted with six micro-jets, which give a soothing shiatsu massage to relieve the body from daily stress. It also comes with three more air-induction jets to massage thighs and feet. This unit boasts a water capacity of 400L/Min.


  • Parisienne Deluxe – If you’re leaning towards the regular oval-shaped tub, then this one is for you. It comes with 12 jets to provide both you and your partner with a stimulating back massage at the same time. You also have the option of adding a headrest on each side so you can indulge in the spa experience. Alternatively, this unit offers a deep pressure massage through the air induction jets included. It can take more than double the water of the previous bath, with a massive 860L/Min capacity.


  • Capri – Another superb option for newlywed couples is this twin corner unit. If you’re looking for the perfect replacement for a Jacuzzi, then this one makes the cut. It comes equipped with 12 micro jets for an amazing fingertip back massage, which is split into six per side. It also has air jets that can be used alone or along with the microjets. This unit’s capacity is 800L/Min of water.


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Forget taking your partner to an expensive public spa where you’re surrounded by strangers and only doing so once a year. Look at our quality bath tubs for sale, keep up the romance and enjoy not having to wait your turn to cleanse in luxury.

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