New Corner Bath

New Corner Bath

Turn Your Small Bathroom into a Revitalising Spa with a New Corner Bath

Is your bathroom getting you down? Are you looking to bring some health & wellness into your space? Because of the pandemic, many South Africans are bunkering down and staying home to ride the next wave of the pandemic out. For many, being housebound has been a huge scare and awakening as they grasp the value of their lives and space. South Africans slowly realise that making their homes more tranquil, functional, and sustainable is the way to move forward in the future – and it doesn’t cost a king’s ransom doing so.


Modern Bathrooms Flaunt a Spa-Like Ambience

genoa bathA neglected space once used only to scrub up has grown into a tranquil room where we find solace in relaxing and unwinding after a long hard day. The modern bathroom is no longer a room with a shower, toilet, basin, and bath. We’re living in a financially and emotionally stressed time where people thrive on functionality, comfort and simplicity, and the modern, luxury bath supplier provides all that and so much more.

A healing space, today’s modern bathroom, with its simple contemporary furnishings and fittings that boast geometric shapes, clean lines, smooth finishes, spacious feel, neutral colours, and ocean-fresh fragrances, can set the room to a spa-like ambience. It can become a sanctuary for healing – but you will need to install a new corner whirlpool hot bath.

A new corner bath could be just what you need to take your bathroom from dull to a spa-like ambience. A popular feature in city apartments, hotels, bed & breakfasts, and new urban developments, whirlpool corner baths add a touch of indulgence to any bathroom. However, that’s not the only reason these corner hot tubs are so well-liked in bathrooms throughout South Africa.



Just because you have, a tiny bathroom does not mean you cannot turn it into your favourite room. Like the contemporary corner couch, these angular hot baths are a highly functional choice for small apartments and houses or bathrooms with unusual dimensions. Whether your bathroom is long or narrow, these space savers provide design possibilities that oval-, circular- or rectangular-shaped baths cannot offer. For instance, a corner bath will fit into any cranny, maximising floor space and using minimal wall space to allow other contemporary bathroom accessories and features.


They Make a Striking Focal Point

There are few features more calming and even striking for a bathroom than a corner whirlpool bath. Corner tubs can work their magic in every bathroom, big, dark, small, large, airy, or dull. Because these angular baths are not typical everyday tubs, and because most people associate them with luxury hotel bathrooms, they make a fantastic focal point. Further, if you decide to place your home or apartment on the property market, just by having a new corner whirlpool bath in your home will increase interest.


It’s Brilliant for Your Health and Well-Being

Today, leaving the house is no longer necessary to have a spa-like experience. A tradition since Roman times, a whirlpool hydrotherapy bath is a life-long investment in health and well-being. Soaking in a hot bath before bed brings the body and mind to a calm and more relaxed state. It is a proven way to relieve tension, alleviate arthritis, and revitalise tense and tight muscles. The power of a whirlpool hydrotherapy bath with powerful jets pumping soothing pressure bubbles against your aching, tired body will induce the body’s natural sleep mechanics. Once you install a hot bath, you can kiss insomnia goodbye.


It’s an Investment You Can Afford

A lifestyle investment anyone can afford, a whirlpool corner bath provides a convenient way to relax right in the luxury of your very own home, even in your small apartment or odd-shaped bathroom. One of the best benefits of purchasing a new corner bath for sale is that not only does it come in a variety of colours, but it comes in various materials that can further add to the ambience of your bathroom. Moreover, daily upkeep is easy, and maintenance plans are widely available and affordable.

So why wait? Turn your bathroom into a soothing space where you can revitalise and energise with South Africa’s leading luxury bath supplier – Summer Place Spas & Baths. With showrooms in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, and an easy to navigate online shop, we have one of the largest selections of whirlpool baths in the Southern Hemisphere.

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