5 Good Questions To Ask Your Corner Bath Supplier

5 Good Questions To Ask Your Corner Bath Supplier

A bathtub is no longer just a bathtub. There are so many different sizes, makes, models, and shapes available that you can find one to fit into just about any space. We have moved away from the traditional long, rectangular bathtubs, and new technology has improved the way we design, manufacture, install, and use bath tubs.

A version that is becoming more popular is the corner bath, and it is vital that your corner bath supplier is able to answer some pertinent questions before selling you one of their corner baths in stock. Because corner baths are not suitable to use in any bathroom, your corner bathroom supplier has to be in a position to provide you with all the advice you need in order for you to make an informed decision about the size and shape of your corner bath. There are some reasons why people love these baths, and these include the following:

They look luxurious: Because they are not the regular shape and tend to be wider than your ordinary rectangular bath, they appear to have more space and are therefore more luxurious and comfortable. Their proportions are generally more generous, and the curvaceous lines of the bath make them look more stylish and elegant.

A seat can be installed: Modern technology makes it possible for your corner bath supplier to provide you with a bath that has a built-in seat. This makes certain things a lot easier, such as shaving your legs, or you can wash your feet without having to get fully submerged into a full bath.

They make the room look more spacious: The straight lines of rectangular baths can look quite narrow and constricting, and any bath supplier will tell you that a corner bath can make your bathroom appear much larger. There is more floor space available because a corner bath only requires about two thirds of the floor space of a long, rectangular bath.

They are great for sharing: It is often easy to fit two people into a corner bath, and a romantic candle lit bubble bath with your partner can ease your troubles away and remove you from other distractions.

They are great for small spaces: Often, a normal rectangular bath cannot be into the bathroom space, and a smaller corner bath is the only option. A shower head or shower handset can easily be added to the corner bath to make showering or rinsing easier.

What to Ask Your Corner Bath Supplier

Choosing the right corner bath can be a bit of a challenge, so it is good to have a good supplier on your side to simplify the process of choosing one. Here are some things you can ask to be sure that you get the right type and model for your bathroom.

How do I measure the space effectively?

Measuring for a corner bath can be tricky, so your supplier should be able to tell you exactly which measurements are needed in order to find the right size and shape for your bathroom. Sometimes, they may even come out to your site to do the measuring.

Is a different type of water supply needed?

In some cases, a corner bath may have different demands from the hot water pressure or the amount of hot water needed. Speak to your supplier to find out more about this before choosing.

Which models and types of baths are in stock?

Usually, there are two types of corner baths on the market – those with two straight sides, and one called an offset bath, where the sides are not an equal length. Both have the curve coming around the front of the bath. Offset baths tend to be better if you crave the comfort of a corner bath, but do not have enough space on the wall. The offset bath provides more bathing space in a small amount of space, and they can be bought in a right-handed or left-handed design.

Which materials are best to use?

The most popular corner baths for small spaces are made from acrylic-based materials, which are highly reliable, lightweight, easy to install, and very durable. There are, however, other suitable materials as well. Ask your supplier about the type of materials their corner baths are made of and which would work best in your situation.

Which taps should I choose? 

The hardware you choose, such as the taps, can make a big difference to how the bath operates and what it looks like. Ask your supplier which is the most practical for the particular bath you have chosen, and they will be able to provide you with some good examples.

If you have your heart set on a corner bath and need a great supplier, call our team at Summer Place for more advice and a great range of corner baths.

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