Revolutionise Your Retreat: The Modern Charm of Freestanding Baths

Revolutionise Your Retreat: The Modern Charm of Freestanding Baths

In essence, the term ‘freestanding baths’ aptly and concisely describes the fundamental feature that differentiates this design from other bathtub models. Nonetheless, there’s a great deal more to Summer Place’s revolutionary modern freestanding bath designs than in the days of yore.


Freestanding Baths Designs’ Original Concept

freestanding baths

When you learn about the origins of the freestanding baths designed and produced by South Africa’s leading elite spa and bath manufacturer, Summer Place, you’ll understand why these products may remind you slightly of a bygone time’s charm, despite today’s tub’s ultra-modern aesthetic appearance, design and phenomenal functions.


Victorian Claw Foot Bathtubs


Claw-foot baths were introduced in the later Victorian era and the turn of the 19th century, when indoor-plumbed bathtubs became commonplace installations in the homes of the more affluent, genteel classes. These are classic precursors to modern freestanding baths.


Freely Floating Island with Advanced Hydrotherapy Features


Our revolutionary freestanding baths feature the very latest design excellence and hydrotherapy technologies on offer in the world of ultra-luxurious and modern bathroom appointments without losing that hint of yesteryear’s charm. Once installed, your tub appears to have the attributes of a floating island, free and unattached to anything else in a grandly appointed, serene private retreat.


In nature, a floating island is subjected to the movement of water and water currents. So too is your sense of serene floating comfort, once you activate the series of strategically placed hydrotherapy jets incorporated in your Summer Place tub.


These jets are designed to gently, yet deeply, massage targeted areas of your body, as you surrender yourself to soothing jets of water in your freestanding bath. Before you know it, your aches, pains, stresses and strains are relieved in the healthiest and most natural way, through the use of revolutionary scientifically designed jets that combine air and water.


Patented Summer Place jet designs incorporate more than three times more air in the centre of each jet of water than any other jet system when it comes to state-of-the-art hydrotherapy. The induction of more air softens the jetted water’s force to a comfortable, soothing level that nevertheless still delivers the most effectual deep tissue massage on the market.


Recognised, Respected and Specified


As an industry leader, Summer Place’s splendid products and service excellence are preferred by many leading architects, specifiers and interior designers. Our freestanding baths are top-of-the-list for industry professionals and should top your own list of choices too. Contact us to revolutionise your bathroom retreat into your personal haven of luxurious floating freedom and perfect bath time pleasure

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