Bathtub l Designed for Hydrotherapy Relaxation

Bathtub l Designed for Hydrotherapy Relaxation

How to Create a Relaxing Sanctuary with the Perfect Bathtub


Human beings tend to take life’s daily luxuries for granted until they’ve been without them for a while – notably taking a bath in their own bathtub. At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we go much further to help you create a luxurious, relaxing bathroom sanctuary with the addition of a perfect Summer Place bathtub.


Benefits of Relaxing in the Bathtub


With a perfect Summer Place bathtub installed in your bathroom sanctuary, you may never want to leave home. The benefits of relaxation cannot be overemphasised, regardless of how and where you choose to relax, unwind and de-stress your mind, body and spirit.


Taking a relaxing bath in your own bathroom represents a private break and departure from everyday routine. Doing so is essential to recharge and rebalance your body’s natural defence systems that help to protect your well-being and overall physical and mental health.


Enhanced by Automated Hydrotherapy


These bathtime benefits are further enhanced with the addition of automated hydrotherapy techniques whilst immersing the body in fresh warm water. Bathtime becomes far more than merely cleansing oneself.


While soaking in your tub, targeted areas of your body are exposed to deeply penetrating jets of water, which also incorporate streams of air. The water and air jets combined ensure that their effect on the human body is calming, soothing, therapeutic and relaxing – whenever you choose to take a bath within the sanctuary of your own private en suite bathroom.



Significant Additional Bath Features


True, effective relaxation that enables you to unwind in the tub can only be achieved if you are completely comfortable and your body is supported in all the necessary areas. Summer Place has adapted our bathtubs’ designs to suit the preferences of our discerning South African clientele – aesthetically as well as comfort and support-wise.


Simple Lines Combined with Advanced Technology


Simplicity and minimalist clean lines typify the design of our pure white Summer Place products, while the latest, most advanced hydrotherapy jet technology enhances the therapeutic function of our bathtubs. Gentle contours within each bath’s inner surface hint at the comfort that fosters relaxation provided by each model.


Styles and Types


Different tub styles are on offer. Sizes, shapes and types vary and include free-standing, built-in and corner baths – something perfect for each bathroom and client’s personal preference. The placement of each bath design’s jet systems is adapted to ensure that each targeted part of the bather’s body receives the maximum hydrotherapy benefits, regardless of its shape and size.


Enjoy an Enduring Sanctuary


Transform your bathroom into an enduring sanctuary of relaxation, well-being and total luxury by installing a Summer Place bathtub. Bathtime bliss awaits you; contact us now.

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