Luxury Baths

Luxury Baths

Avoid Fly-by-Night Suppliers: 3 Tips to Ensure You Partner with Leaders in Luxury Baths

Are you looking to turn your en-suite into a sanctuary rather than a scrub-up room? Perhaps you would you like a spa bath installed right under the stars in your backyard. Indoor or outdoor, luxury baths aren’t just for winter. Homeowners use them throughout each season of the year.

A tradition taken from Roman times, spa baths are so much more than just a lavish accessory for lounging with a drink and a romantic partner. This temperature-controlled hydrotherapy invention relieves chronic pain, stress, and headaches, and detoxifies the skin and eases insomnia. A lifestyle, self, and, home-improvement investment that can increase property value, investing in a luxury bath will better your quality of life. First, you will need to find the right supplier and installer.

luxury bathThey say before you purchase a Jacuzzi, first find your supplier. Why? Similar to a swimming pool, once you’ve installed your luxury bath, it will require maintenance and repairs. The relationship you have with your hot tub installer will be a long one, which is reason to ensure you are working with Jacuzzi experts and not a fly-by-night hot tub salesperson. Here are some solid tips to ensure you partner with reliable and efficient spa bath suppliers and installers.


  1. What Do Google Reviews Say About Them?

Ethical behaviour is the flagship of a brand’s promise, particularly in the Jacuzzi sector. First, explore all the local suppliers in your area, and then narrow down your choices by focusing on how long they have been in the game and what after-sales services they offer. Explore their website, brochures, and visit their showrooms. Besides researching the supplier, get a close look at their portfolio to see who they currently supply and service. Bonus Tip: If you want to find out the truth about a product, service or brand, Google online reviews to see what customers say.


  1. Local is Better

In our economy, South Africans know better to invest in machinery or vehicles where parts are hard to source. A hot tub break-down is not something you want to think about as it can run into thousands. To protect yourself, find a full-service local supplier with a hot tub warehouse with parts, spares, and accessories. Even better, find a local full-service supplier that can provide maintenance and repair contracts, water treatment technologies, and all the accessories that come with luxury baths. In doing so, you will save you time and money in the long run.


  1. Visit the Suppliers Showroom

An essential part of becoming a spa bath owner is developing a relationship throughout the life of your investment with your supplier. As a result, you will need an honest and credible supplier who will commit to their service and repair plans. Like a vehicle, you also want to see and touch the hot tub before you burn that plastic, so visit the showroom for a tour of the models. Get inside a few tubs and slip into its seats to get a sense of how comfortable it can be for your body and how different tubs compare. Finally, picture the design in your en-suite or on your patio deck and decide on a cover or any additional accessories that will complement your experience.

Whether you’re a family looking to invest in a large whirlpool tub or you’re a developer or a hotel looking for various models and service plans, when you invest in a spa bath, you’re entering a 10 to 20-year relationship with your supplier. You want a supplier that can provide excellent warranties, support, and affordable service plans that are efficient and reliable. To avoid fly-by-night suppliers, do your homework and partner with luxury baths specialists like Summer Place Spas & Baths, who will listen to your needs and offer support to keep your investment running smoothly for up to 20-years.


We Supply to Homeowners, Developers, Spas, Architects, and Hotels

As one of South Africa’s leading luxury bath trendsetters, manufacturers and suppliers, we provide developers, architects, spas, sports clubs, gyms, and homeowners throughout South Africa with a wide range of traditional and contemporary jetted spa bath models unmatched by any Big Box store. To learn more about our models, visit our showrooms so one of our specialists can walk you through our entire range.

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