Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

The Fundamental Difference between Jetted Bathtubs and Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology 

Whether building a house, flat or apartment from scratch in South Africa or revamping an existing home’s interior, it’s always recommended that one or more bathrooms feature a bathtub in addition to other sanitary ware. Undoubtedly, almost everyone’s ideal choice of bath would be a luxurious jetted bathtub, which is designed to transform a simple process into a sensational sensory experience.

Bathtub Specialists

From a resale and investment point of view, a tub in your bathroom is essential; it’s a must-have, even if the bath is only a modest model. However, the appeal and value of your property increase exponentially with the addition of a whirlpool or luxurious jetted tub, manufactured by South Africa’s Summer Place – the bath and spa specialists.


Industry Leaders Highlight Differences

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As leaders in our select field, we frequently come across a particular question: “What is the difference between a jetted tub and a whirlpool tub?” Many use the terms interchangeably, not realising that there really is a difference and that it’s not merely a matter of semantics.


Outwardly, both products have the same or similar general appearance. However, one of the main differences is created by these tubs’ primary operating characteristics – the cutting-edge features which create the super sensations and relaxing results you experience and enjoy.


Both whirlpool tubs and jetted tubs utilise some of the latest plumbing techniques. The whirlpool features a pump, pipes that carry water and jets through which pressurised water is pumped. Targeted by jets of water, selected parts of the body and muscles are massaged.


Whirlpools Work with Water

Whirlpool tubs provide a dynamic, more forceful, deeper tissue massage that specifically targets the neck, back and other parts of the body that require relief from tension and relaxation.


Jets Utilise the Air

Jetted bathtubs house an air injector, pipes that send air through the system and the tub’s series of air apertures. Injected air in a jetted tub creates a fizzy, bubble-like effect that provides an all-over hydrotherapy treatment.


Depending on the jetted tub’s characteristics and its manufacturer, an air massage targets the natural meridians of the legs, spine and neck. Air massage is designed to improve the heart rate, blood circulation and breathing, while simultaneously relaxing the body.


Preferred Premier Manufacturer

Summer Place is a premier manufacturer of world-class jetted bathtubs and spas, preferred by those who value the best quality, premium products, as do we. Our jetted tubs feature more innovations, including self-draining systems, to ensure that pumps and plumbing are completely dry after the tub is emptied.


Choose the Best of Both

Additionally, our jetted bathtubs are equipped with both whirlpool water and air jets, providing you with the best of both worlds. To indulge in the beautiful benefits of hydrotherapy in your own home, contact Summer Place.

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