Jacuzzi Selection Guidelines

Jacuzzi Selection Guidelines

Jacuzzi Selection Guidelines – Choosing the Ideal Spa for You

Buying a Jacuzzi is a simple matter, but buying it wisely is quite another, especially with such a wide range of suppliers, products, and prices on offer. Your options may seem endless, so wise buyers gather pertinent information upfront.


Jacuzzis Come to SA

When the first Jacuzzi hot tubs were introduced to the luxury sector of the South African marketplace, these brand-new innovations soon took this country by storm, as was the case worldwide, including in the USA, where these products were invented by an Italian immigrant family.

By 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths was established as a leading South African manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality, luxury spas and bathtubs.


What to Look for Before You Buy Your Spa

We highlight several important guidelines to consider before you buy a Jacuzzi for your home:


Wants and WishesHow to use your Jacuzzi safely

  • What are the most important functions you require of your Jacuzzi?
  • Which type of tub or spa bath do you want?
  • What size, shape and capacity would fit into the available space in which you intend to install the unit? Keep in mind that there should be adequate space surrounding the tub to allow bathers to enter and exit safely.
  • How many people should it accommodate? Some units are designed for single occupancy. Others accommodate a couple or several bathers.
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor installation?


Reality Check

  • What is your budget? Whilst it’s vitally important to buy the best possible Jacuzzi, it’s equally essential that your choice suits your budget.
  • What is the quality of the product you are looking to purchase? As with most other high-end purchases, you get what you pay for when acquiring a hot tub, which incorporates numerous technical elements that affect its performance, efficiency, trouble-free operation, durability, maintenance, and running costs. Balance your needs and wishes with your budget. Adjust your priorities if required but avoid compromising on quality.
  • Which supplier should you purchase from? Buy from a reputable supplier, a company that has a solid, respected track record in this industry.
  • Choose a supplier with a large selection of quality spas and baths. Summer Place offers a vast array of choices that cater for a variety of preferences, including portable or flushdeck options all designed with contemporary, sleek finishes with unparalleled hydrotherapy features, such as hot seats, volcano jets, and our patented centre-air induction jets.


Invest in Home and Health – Purchase a Spa

When you buy a Jacuzzi, you’re investing in your home and health, thanks to the luxurious appeal of these products and their therapeutic hydrotherapy features. You’re sure to find your ideal spa solution at Summer Place, this country’s home of premier, luxury lifestyle spas and jetted tubs. Contact us today.

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