3 Rules For Selecting The Right Jacuzzi Baths In South Africa

3 Rules For Selecting The Right Jacuzzi Baths In South Africa

Are you dreaming of a Jacuzzi bath at home? We don’t blame you. It’s the 21st century, and in this modern age, South African homes are no longer complete without the presence of hot tub. Yes, we’re living in a time where people thrive on comfort and luxury, and what was once a feature found at local spas has now evolved into a centrepiece that can be found in homes and businesses throughout South Africa.

The Healing Effects of Hydrotherapy

A tradition used in many cultures since Roman times, Jacuzzi baths are so much more than just a luxurious accessory for lounging with a drink or a romantic partner; they are a huge investment in our health and well-being. Leading the way to wellness from head to toe – hydrotherapy goes back thousands of years. People have always been drawn to water as a source of healing, and with more and more studies proving its ability to alleviate insomnia, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, reduce arthritis and chronic pain, and decrease stress, anxiety and depression, Jacuzzi baths in South Africa have finally earned the respect they deserve.

Combining the pleasures of fun, bathing, and therapeutic healing all in one – a Jacuzzi bath is so much more than just a lifestyle statement, it’s an investment in you. But choosing the right Jacuzzi bath in South Africa for your home can be tricky. With that said, if you’re ready to spend a lot of time in hot water, but don’t know where to start, before you float away on visions of water jets and aromatic bubbles, let these rules soak in.

Rule 1 – To Determine the Size, Determine Your Space 

While most people install their Jacuzzis outside on a patio or deck, there are many who prefer to install theirs in their master suite. With that said, using a measuring tape, establish the exact dimensions of the space where the tub will be installed. Remember to leave room for steps, and room to get in and out the bath. From small and cosy, to large and spacious, Jacuzzis come in many sizes, and getting the size right will depend on what’s best for you and the others who will be using your hot tub.

Rule 2 – Establish a Budget (And Don’t Break It)

As with any big-ticket purchase, it’s important to establish a budget when researching which styles and options you can afford. Start with finding a price range that you’re comfortable with and aim for a tub that fits within your budget. Striking a balance between the features you want and the price you can afford is important. It’s worth mentioning that while cheap hot tubs may cost less upfront, they usually end up costing a lot more over the long term. You see, cheap Jacuzzis are cheap for a reason. It’s because they either have less insulation, less- efficient pumps and heaters, or they have thin covers – and since cheap hot tubs are less efficient than their better-built and energy-efficient counterparts, they have higher operating costs.

Rule 3 – Shop Around for the Right Supplier

Your Jacuzzi is a big investment and choosing the right supplier is key to getting the most from your investment. In fact, choosing the right supplier is as important as choosing the right Jacuzzi. You see, not all suppliers in South Africa are created equal. So first and foremost, start by choosing a reliable and honest supplier with a good reputation. It is also worth mentioning that an exceptional supplier believes in their products and will have no problem providing you with all the cover you need. In fact, a warranty is not all that you can expect. Your Jacuzzi bath supplier must also be able to provide you with a good maintenance and service plan, should it break down. If your supplier cannot offer you any of the above, walk away and find one who can.

Jacuzzi baths in South Africa come in an array of sizes, designs and materials, which range from acrylic, enamelled cast iron, gel-coated fibreglass and genuine marble, to onyx and granite. Whether you’re looking for a Jacuzzi bath for fun and relaxation or a Jacuzzi that can help enhance your health and wellness, we have one of the largest selections of Jacuzzi baths in South Africa perfectly suited for you.

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