Jacuzzi | Modern Aesthetic Design Trends

Jacuzzi | Modern Aesthetic Design Trends

Embracing Modern Aesthetics in Trendy Jacuzzi Designs

When first you see the latest Jacuzzi design trends for sale at Summer Place, you will recognise not only sheer luxury but the beautiful modern design.


Locally Designed, International Jacuzzi Inspiration

At Summer Place, we ensure that we’re up to date with hot trends in international Jacuzzi design. However, our own modern, minimalistic spa designs are our interpretation of international trends. They are designed specifically for our unique South African clientele, as far as style, aesthetics, appearance, modern trends, and state-of-the-art functions are concerned.


Minimalistic Design LinesJacuzzi

If you want to adopt the latest Jacuzzi designs for your home spa, you undoubtedly appreciate clean, “less is more” simple lines, which are characteristic of the most popular modern styles. These Jacuzzis are not ornate or obviously grandiose. Instead, their aesthetically minimal design lines evoke a sense of luxury, especially when the spa is designed for an outdoor flushdeck or inground installation.

Summer Place’s fabulous flushdeck and innovative inground spas are designed to feature various shapes and sizes that accommodate and seat between 4 – 5 and 6 – 7 persons in comfort. Shapes include circular, rectangular and hexagonal designs.


Newest Innovation

In addition to the inground and flushdeck spas that are offered for sale by South Africa’s leader in bath and spa collections, our latest innovation, the Lusso Portable Spa, looks set to become yet another favourite amongst our customers.

The Lusso Portable Spa features deep seating, an ergonomically designed lounger and a spacious foot well, which all combine seamlessly to ensure the simultaneous comfort and relaxation of 5 adults.


Easy Installation

This portable Jacuzzi-style tub is comparatively easy and quick to install, providing that the surface on which the unit rests is strong, stable, and completely level. Because this spa sits on top of its supporting surface, its surrounding outer side walls are finished in composite timber, which requires no maintenance, is stain resistant, and remains aesthetically attractive almost indefinitely.


A Jacuzzi Tub that Moves with You

Because the portable version of the Lusso is not installed as a fixture, it’s a luxury item that can be moved and relocated with you, if or when you decide to move to another location.

This is one advantage of acquiring a portable hot tub, especially because once you’ve embraced the utter pleasure of indulging in your own spa lifestyle, you’ll never want to be without a Jacuzzi tub again, wherever you decide to settle.


Treat Yourself to a Spa

 Embrace everything that Summer Place Spas has to offer, from clean, modern aesthetics to sheer blissful luxury. Contact us today to treat yourself to your own Jacuzzi joy, in the comfort of your own home.

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