Perfect Spas to Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

Perfect Spas to Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

How and Where to Find the Perfect Spas to Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

A one-size-fits-all solution may be effective in some industries, but it is contrary to the approach that we, at Summer Place, adopt when manufacturing and supplying our luxurious spas to discerning South African clients.


Which Type of Spa Suits You Best?

Before we make any recommendations to prospective customers who wish to have their own spas at home, as well as those who offer sensational spa treatments at beauty and health retreats, or as part of a superior hospitality package, we always establish which type of spa best suits their needs.

One size or type of spa does not necessarily satisfy all. It’s an individual choice that strikes a balance between what they need and what they wish for. Needless to say, the actual size of the product is also significant when it comes to selecting a specific model.

At Summer Place, our spa collection includes inground, flushdeck and portable options. The details and specifications for all models are featured in our comprehensive downloadable spa brochure, just to whet your appetite for the imminent enjoyment of your very own, private spa.


Current Spa Collection

Subsequent to our founding in 1968, our current state-of-the-art spa collection consists of various models, each with its unique features and sought-after benefits.

  • Lusso Portable
  • Lusso Inground
  • Gemini – Gemini, Mini Gemini and Mini Gemini Flushdeck
  • Classic
  • Classic Flushdeck


Factors That Influence Your Individual Spa Choice

Some of the most commonly occurring factors that play a role in influencing clients’ choice of spas may include some or all of these considerations:

Spa Pool - Spas

  • The desired location of the tub
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Measurements of total available space in which to install the spa, while allowing sufficient floor space for people to exit, enter and move around the tub
  • Portable or fixed flushdeck or inground unit
  • Preferred size and shape of the spa
  • Number of persons to be accommodated and seated simultaneously
  • Importance or preference of integrated features, such as the size of the foot well, backrest/back support system, number and type of jets, anti-splash surround or unique overflow system, plus ease of maintenance
  • Installation
  • Efficiency and performance
  • Number and type of jets
  • Preferred manufacturer and/or supplier with a reputation for and proud record of supplying top-quality products, as well as exceptional, reliable after-sales service


Indulge in Superb Spa Luxury

Summer Place is South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxurious spas, so you’re in the best hands when you acquire one of our world-class products. Moreover, we’ll assist you to choose the perfect spa that fits your specific needs. For expert attention, drop us a line today.

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