Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

Jetted Bathtubs VS Tubs that Feature Whirlpool Technology

Fundamental Guidelines for Choosing the Right Size Corner Bath 

Unless you live in a dwelling without straight interior bathroom walls that meet to form a 900 angle, almost all other bathrooms can accommodate a well-designed corner bath, providing that a bathtub of the right size is chosen. Consequently, insofar as bathtubs in bathrooms are concerned, size definitely matters.


What is the Right Size for a Corner Bath?

In essence, the right size implies that it must be proportionate to the dimensions of the bathroom, whilst also taking the space occupied by other sanitary ware into account. Additionally, prospective buyers should remember to take note of the outer measurements of the corner bath in their calculations.

Finally, when planning and settling on the bathroom layout, regarding the suitability and size of the proposed corner tub, allow for enough free space to get into and out of the bathtub safely, with some space to spare and without obstructing the other instalments in the room.


More or Less Space

Some people are still under the impression that a corner bath takes up more space than a conventional bathtub, but this is not necessarily so. Depending on space and layout, installing a corner bath can actually take up less space than a standard, conventionally-sized unit. 

The corners of rooms in homes are often “wasted” spaces, especially in the case of bathrooms that feature free-standing, island tubs and additional sanitary ware that have rounded or all-around curving edges. Your corner bath eliminates unused, dust-collecting corners.


Decades of Delightful Bathing

genoa corner bath


For more than 50 years, Summer Place has been proud to manufacture and distribute a range of corner baths and other tubs that boast a variety of cutting-edge, clean design lines and luxury features. We offer baths of various sizes, from compact units for smaller spaces to tubs which comfortably accommodate two persons in larger settings.

The tubs and spas produced by South Africa’s premier manufacturer of luxurious baths and spas, Summer Place, set the benchmark in our industry. Whilst we take inspiration from the latest European corner bath trends, our ultra-luxurious bathtubs are exclusively Summer Place masterpieces.

With a variety of bathtubs on offer, discerning clients can pick and choose and can insist on the best-produced products by quality-conscious experts – Summer Place Spas and Baths. Summer Place designs and distributes four luxury options:

  • Genoa
  • Sienna
  • Venus
  • Capri


Indulgent Luxury with Integrated Benefits

Luxury bathing is a thoroughly relaxing, indulgent experience. In a Summer Place bathtub, one also has the benefit of enjoying a therapeutic, scientifically-targeted hydrotherapy session, because all our corner and other baths are jetted strategically. It’s the ultimate luxury, featuring a host of integrated benefits. 

When installing a luxury fixture like a corner bath, quality counts. Contact Summer Place – your supplier of choice for the right-sized, top-quality bathtub for your bathroom, your bathing pleasure and your well-being.

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