Freestanding Baths l The Timeless Appeal

Freestanding Baths l The Timeless Appeal

Modern Therapeutic Technology Incorporates the Timeless Appeal of Freestanding Baths

Summer Place is the leading supplier of spas and baths, especially when it comes to state-of-the-art freestanding baths. Our creatively designed and meticulously manufactured spas and baths incorporate the latest hydrotherapy jetted innovations, while still retaining a timeless appeal.


When All Baths were FreestandingFreestanding Baths l The Timeless Appeal

It’s easy to forget that once upon a time, freestanding was the norm, long before indoor plumbing was invented. Built-in baths would eventually become the so-called “next big thing”, but until then, carrying a large freestanding receptacle, known as a washtub, into the home was one’s only immersive indoor bathing option.

Freestanding washtubs were typically placed in the kitchen, close to the hearth or stove, the sources of warm water, with which tubs were filled manually. Drainage was also accomplished by hand. However, those times and rudimentary tubs would soon fall out of use, now consigned to the archives of history.


Modern Face of Freestanding Baths

Modern freestanding baths are available in many different forms, styles, shapes and sizes. At Summer Place, we prefer to keep our design lines clean and clear-cut. Our freestanding and fitted tubs are manufactured in pure, pristine white, especially for our customers who demand luxurious looks and world-class features within their well-appointed bathroom spaces.



Ideally, a little more floor space and a somewhat larger bathroom is required to enjoy the full effect of a bath, whereas built-in units fit snugly against one or two surrounding walls. Keep in mind that space around a freestanding tub allows the bather to step into and out of the bath safely and comfortably. Without bumping into other bathroom elements.

Extra surrounding space ensures that it’s easy to clean the area around the unit, and if it’s a jetted bath. Additional space provides an easily accessible access point for service technicians and installation.


Summer Place Freestanding Bathtubs

Our freestanding units also known as Island Baths, are available in five distinctive styles, which offer our clientele a fine range of luxurious, timeless and opulent options. Most of our Island Baths feature strategically placed jet systems to maximise your level of relaxation and conform.

  1. Cloud Island Standard
  2. Cloud Island Deluxe
  3. Moderno Duo Island
  4. Moderno Island
  5. Parisienne Island

Timeless Summer Place Bathroom Beauty

Treat yourself to the timeless appeal and sheer luxury of superior Summer Place freestanding baths in your own home. Contact us today to acquire your own enduring bathroom beauty.


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