Free Standing Baths | Importance of Choosing Correctly

Free Standing Baths | Importance of Choosing Correctly

How Do You Choose the Right Free Standing Baths for Your Bathrooms?


A long time ago, merely having a separate bathroom or washroom within a home was thought of as a luxury. Thankfully, those times have passed and well-equipped bathrooms with state-of-the-art facilities are now an expectation. Bathtubs are standard in most homes, and free standing baths have come a long way since their earliest days.


The Earliest Free Standing Baths

Luxurious Freestanding Baths

Rudimentary wooden or metal bathtubs preceded the free standing bath as we know it today, but then it wasn’t placed in a separate bathroom. Instead, washtubs were usually carried into the kitchen, close to the stove or hearth, where water could be heated. Fortunately, things improved exponentially.


Art and Science of Creating Bathtub Perfection

Today, many of our clients are impressed to view our magnificent collection of free standing baths on offer by Summer Place. We didn’t invent baths; we simply perfected the science and art of designing and producing premium quality, luxurious free standing baths for South Africa’s jetted tub market.


The Right Choice for Your Bathroom

It’s always important to plan the layout of your sanitary ware, especially products like free standing baths. Consider these factors to make the right choice for your bathroom:

  • The size and shape of a bathroom are important because free standing baths ideally require more floor space than their built-in counterparts.
  • The available floor space and potential placement of all sanitary ware
  • The preferred bathtub design and style
  • The bathroom’s must-have features must be prioritised.
  • Purchase the best quality tub that’s available.
  • Only buy from a well-established, professional supplier that specialises in jetted tubs.


South African Interpretation of European Trends

Our talented Summer Place designers draw inspiration from leading European bath designers, ensuring that our products reflect the latest international trends. Despite this, our Summer Place baths and spas are manufactured according to our own interpretations, geared for South African conditions and a discerning clientele.


Tranquil “Island” Sanctuary

“No man is an island”, but some of our most sought-after, luxurious bathtub models are just that. Our free standing island units are designed to be islands of tranquillity.


With the addition of a Summer Place island or free standing bath, your bathroom is transformed into a super tranquil, ultra-luxurious private sanctuary. At your leisure, surrender to sensational hydrotherapy sessions whenever you immerse yourself in your bath. Our island tubs are equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic jet systems, providing pure pleasure in the comfort of your own home.


Only the Best is the Right Choice

If you want the best free standing baths that are just right for your bathrooms, get the best from Summer Place’s superior collection. Contact us to experience Summer Place’s jetted joys and relaxation.

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