Freestanding Baths l Enhance Bathroom Luxury and Elegance

Freestanding Baths l Enhance Bathroom Luxury and Elegance

Finest Freestanding Baths Transform Your Bathroom into an Elegant Sanctuary


Any object or item that stands free, unattached to and independent of any other structure is described as ‘freestanding’. The concept applies as much to a home or building that is not directly connected to another as it does to a freestanding bath by Summer Place. This freestanding unit is installed to stand alone, on its own, proud and free from attachment to a wall or other structure.


Built-in or Freestanding Baths


Built-in bathtubs are just the opposite of freestanding baths in that the former unit is fitted flush with one, but usually nestled into a corner created by two surfaces of the surrounding walls. If built-in bathtubs are installed into an alcove, they are typically fitted snugly against three structural surfaces, leaving only one side of the bath open to allow access to the unit.


World-class Manufacturer and Supplier


Freestanding Baths

As South Africa’s principal manufacturer and supplier of world-class whirlpool spas and baths, Summer Place offers numerous types and varying designs that typify these luxurious products. We stay up to date with the latest European tub innovations, technologies and trends that may serve to inspire our designs, keeping them at the cutting edge of this exacting upmarket industry.


Nonetheless, we adapt any influential international trends and innovations to suit and satisfy the needs and demands of this country’s selective luxury market sector – you and our other discerning clients, who expect only the best on offer, particularly within their homes.


Ultra-luxurious Freestanding Baths Add Elegance and Style


The latest aspirational stand-alone bathtubs are very much in style and demand today, a trend that’s highly likely to continue. Interior designers, architects, specifiers and customers recognise the extent to which the addition of freestanding baths can transform otherwise purely functional bath spaces into supremely elegant, ultra-luxurious sanctuaries.


At Summer Place, we’ve imagined that when relaxing in one of our freestanding baths, you may feel as carefree as if you were floating free of any encumbrances or attachments – secluded on a peaceful, tranquil tropical island – hence the term ‘Island’. ‘Island’ precedes the name by which each freestanding bath model is identified.


Relax in Your Private Island Paradise


You can experience the ultimate pleasure, immersed in a Summer Place stand-alone bathtub, because your tensions and trials will be soothed by our exclusive jet systems that massage away and ease pressures and pains, while you relax in the jetted water streams of your private island paradise.


When stand-alone “floats your boat”, look no further than Summer Place’s elegant, luxurious freestanding baths. Choose your preferred option from our selection of five superb island bathtubs. Make an appointment at one of our outlets, contact us telephonically or get in touch online. We’re here to ensure that your bath space is a picture of luxurious elegance.

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