Bathtub l Hydrotherapy Benefits and Latest Technology

Bathtub l Hydrotherapy Benefits and Latest Technology

Luxurious Features and Technologies that Enhance Bathtubs’ Therapeutic Features


Summer Place Spas & Baths have become the leader in luxurious hydrotherapy spas and baths. We cater to clients who want more than a little extra in their bathrooms.


A Beautiful Bathtub Offering More



Our customers demand the best bathtubs available, baths that incorporate a myriad of luxurious features and technologies, which provide them with additional therapeutic benefits while they’re indulging in a relaxing, memorable soak. Summer Place baths offer all this and considerably more.


Our jetted bathtub collection is comprehensive, and we pride ourselves on high-quality products. Some of our jetted bathtubs include:


  • Cloud Island Standard – a beautifully crafted, clean-lined oval tub.
  • Cloud Island Deluxe – likewise this oval bathtub provides both fingertip and deep tissue massage.
  • Moderno Duo Island – reflects the symmetry of straight lines.
  • Moderno Island – displays design simplicity at its best.
  • Moderno Duo – a bathtub built for two.
  • Parisienne Standard – Summer Place’s standard tub indicates sheer luxury.
  • Parisienne Deluxe and Parisienne Island – the former built-in bath massages two simultaneous users; the latter is freestanding.
  • Sicilia – a favourite South African health hydro choice.
  • Genoa – one of our most popular corner baths.
  • Capri – great for singles or couples


Bathtub Features


Although the exclusive aesthetic features of Summer Place bathtubs are readily apparent, we would like to highlight a few features for any potential bath buyers.


  • Pristine white units display the art and science of clean, minimalist design lines and superior craftsmanship. White is classic, elegant, and timeless, and works with any colour scheme, accessory or bathroom size.
  • Range of models, sizes and shapes – freestanding or built-in.
  • Ergonomically designed contours for comfy seating and back support.
  • All Summer Place bathtubs feature cutting-edge jet systems and the latest hydrotherapeutic technologies.


State-of-the-Art Technologies


While the unquestionable benefits of hydrotherapy are nothing new, the jet systems featured in all Summer Place bathtubs certainly represent the latest, very best on offer in the modern world of effective, efficient jets, essential for non-invasive therapeutic hydro-treatments, muscle and joint pain relief, and restorative relaxation. Our jetted bathtubs include:


  • Strategically targeted placement of jets.
  • Different jets for different massage effects and pressure in different areas.
  • Jet types consist of shiatsu micro jets, P30 centre air induction jets, volcano jets, and hot seats.
  • The patented, highly innovative centre air induction jets combine air with water within the stream, enabling the delivery of a deep therapeutic massage.


Get in touch with us at Summer Place Spas & Baths to select the luxurious bathtub that complements and completes your bathroom.

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