Free Standing Baths | Bathroom and Bath Time Transformations

Free Standing Baths | Bathroom and Bath Time Transformations

How Free Standing Baths Can Transform Bathrooms

Irrespective of the size, age and architectural style of your home, there are two rooms which are extremely important in defining the desirability of your property, both for you as well as any future occupant, should you decide to sell it. These are your kitchen and bathroom and investing in these spaces will most certainly up your standard of living and provide luxurious creature comforts, such as free standing baths.


Investing in Superior Free Standing Baths

Investing in stylishly designed free standing baths with high-quality and innovative fixtures and fittings contributes to the overall appearance of bathrooms. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, then choose the best quality, designer free standing baths, including a jetted, Jacuzzi-style bathtub from the exclusive Summer Place collection.

Summer Place’s products are virtually guaranteed to transform your bathroom from ordinary to breathtaking – creating a private oasis of luxurious tranquillity and therapeutic relaxation. If it’s true transformation you seek, then select a free-standing bath to set the tasteful tone for your entire space.


Priceless Dividends

Transforming bathrooms with premium free standing baths offers priceless dividends, including a relaxing bathing experience each time you step into your tub.

Whatever your choice of bathtub, commit to selecting a superior product that offers you a range of bath time benefits as it is rarely a feature that gets changed often. When transformation is your goal, transform the area with the option that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs for years to come.


Free Standing Fixture

Although free standing baths offer numerous benefits and stand seemingly unattached in their appointed place within the bathroom, their installation nevertheless requires plumbing and electrical connections to function fully. Once in place, it’s thus not portable or functional without being reinstalled and reconnected elsewhere.


Free Standing Island

At Summer Place, our free standing jetted baths are known as Island bathtubs. We offer a selection of five island baths, each with its unique and luxurious features and masterful, minimalistic style that are inspired by the latest European trends.

  • Free Standing Baths | Bathroom and Bath Time Transformations
  • Cloud Island Standard from the Moderno range featuring clean lines and simplicity.
  • Cloud Island Deluxe with six Shiatsu micro jets for an invigorating massage.
  • Moderno Duo Island with its practical and timeless design.
  • Moderno Island offers optimal comfort and ergonomics.
  • Parisienne Island for the ultimate feeling of luxury and opulence.


Transform Your Bathroom Today

For an enduring, relaxing bathing experience whenever you wish, contact Summer Place today and look forward to transforming your bath time and bathroom.

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