Custom-Made Luxury Domestic and Commercial Spas

Custom-Made Luxury Domestic and Commercial Spas

Custom-Made Luxury Domestic and Commercial Spas: Get the Lusso Portable Spa

You deserve the best in relaxation. While you’re dealing with the stresses of everyday life, your home can be your sanctuary. A Summer Place jetted spa in the privacy of your own space is the ultimate when it comes to pampering.


Standard and Custom-Made Luxury Domestic and Commercial Spas to Meet Your Requirements

We take pride in our innovative approach to design and manufacturing to provide you with cutting-edge technologies in water management, aquatic massage, and hydrotherapy. We offer solutions that deliver unparalleled relaxation for your body and mind.

Lusso Portable JacuzziAn example of the opulence you can expect is the Lusso Portable Spa, which has been designed to offer clean lines. We’ve manufactured it with opulence, relaxation, and space in mind.

It comes with an attractive NewTechwood composite timber outer housing that requires zero maintenance. Not only is the timber housing fade-resistant, but it’s made to last for years. With this stunning housing, your luxury spa will keep its new look for quite some time. We support this claim with a full 25-year limited warranty.

The Lusso Portable Spa comes with no fewer than 20 jets, which include 12 micro jets for the ultimate Shiatsu massage experience. True to our commitment to custom-made solutions, we offer options like the underwater ambient light and the ozone generator to ensure the spa water remains hygiene and offers a healthy relaxation environment.

It offers deep seating for full water immersion for up to five adults, making the spa suitable for domestic and commercial use. The large foot space makes it possible for bathers to stretch their legs, adding to the spacious feel of this spa, with custom-made options similar to our other domestic and commercial spas.

Included in this unique setting is the Power Flo Three Cluster for upper shoulder and back massaging, the Hot Seat for the fingertip pressure water massage, volcano jet technology for supple massaging at variable water air pressures, and the P30 Centre Air Induction Jet, considered the premium technology in the industry for a powerful, yet, exceptionally safe water massage. For more information, have a look at the Lusso Portable Spa here.

The luxury  Lusso Portable Spa is only one of our custom-made and standard luxury domestic and commercial spas. We have many more offerings to meet your spa and bathing technology needs.

Explore our offerings today! We have a wide range of units that are designed for any need – from custom-made luxury commercial spas to small opulent domestic flush and deck based spas and jetted baths.

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