Corner Baths

Corner Baths

Corner Baths Are Here to Stay

The popularity of certain items seems to endure – corner baths are a good example, despite an occasional claim that it may have become somewhat outdated. Father Time marches on at a rather rapid pace. During his journey through the years, he’s certainly borne witness to almost limitless changes, many only to return in a modified or improved guise. The enduring corner bath is still a preferred choice, and it has been updated to perfection.


Corner Baths As Popular as Evercapri corner baths

At Summer Place, we supply superbly designed, top-quality corner baths and more. In our extensive experience, this unique tub design remains as popular as ever, if not more so – perhaps because newer generation models have ensured that these products are at the forefront of innovation.

The evolution of the tub illustrates sanitaryware trends perfectly. Once an innovation, the corner bath took South Africa by storm, becoming all the rage, since bathroom sanitaryware styles are as prone to the effects of changing trends as most other items.


Constant Innovation

It is possible that a few people just became used to seeing corner baths, and thus perceived that they had become outdated because the early versions were no longer novel, but was the concept outdated? No. The next generation of corner units was already in the making. New, innovative products constantly emerge to become the must-haves of a competitive market sector.  Some of the finest new products can be found at Summer Place, the home of exclusive bath designs that are here to stay, always delighting those who install and enjoy the luxurious and indulgent use of a Summer Place product.


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A Question of Space, Size and Aesthetics

Do you have the space for a corner unit in your bathroom, or is the available floor space too small? This is a concern for many a homeowner, especially nowadays, when building costs, size and interior space are at a premium. Besides a cluttered bathroom is impractical and unsafe, Fortunately, your corner bath can save you space. The rule of thumb is if your bathroom is big enough to accommodate a standard tub, it’s big enough to fit a corner unit. In fact, the latter unit will probably save on floor space, because it’s neatly tucked away and built into the otherwise wasted and unused corner.

The piece works equally well in a large bathroom. This type of tub and its clean and sleek minimalistic design lines transform a functional space into a stunning oasis that’s aesthetically awesome, inviting and simply luxurious, particularly if it’s a jetted corner bath by Summer Place, a unit that doesn’t date in a hurry.

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