Corner Baths

Corner Baths

Jetted Corner Baths: Why You Need One and How to Choose the Best Bath for Your Space

Have you had enough of your uninspired en suite and looking to transform it into a space of solace and wellbeing? We don’t blame you! In our stressed-out world, bathrooms need a hint of healing ambience, and what’s not to love about a hot aromatherapy jetted spa bath that you can indulge in every night, particularly after a strenuous day?


Spa Baths Detoxify, Relieve Pain and De-stress

As lifestyle and home improvement investments, spa baths ease tension headaches and body pain, revitalise tired and sore muscles, detoxify the skin, ease insomnia, and even increase property value. If you’re like many South Africans looking to take your bathroom from dull to inspiring, a corner bath could be what you need.


Jetted Corner Baths Have Finally Earned Respect

Jetted corner baths have finally earned the standing ovation they deserve, with their organic sculpted design placing them side by side with other round and oval-shaped models. Designed for transforming small bathrooms, or those with odd angles into unique, luxuriant spaces, corner baths require less water than standard jetted tubs, which is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly.


Not Sure What to Buy?

This is not the type of high-ticket item you select from a picture alone. However, corner baths are lifestyle investments that come in so many shapes, styles, sizes, and jet settings. Bringing style and an alternative to straight or round jetted baths to bathrooms throughout South Africa—if you’re unsure about which model is right for your needs, here’s how to make the right choice.


Aesthetics: Colour and Material

Your hot tub is a long term investment, so it is essential to ensure you choose one that complements your bathroom style or acts as a focal point. With minimalism and contemporary design as leading trends in bathroom design, start your shopping journey with material and colour. Today, corner baths come in natural stone, concrete, acrylic, gel coated fibreglass, enamelled cast iron, marble, onyx, and granite, providing you plenty of options.

It is essential to understand that your material choice will dictate the lifespan of your bath. Whereas the average lifespan for a standard corner bathtub is around 15-20 years, fibreglass and acrylic have a significantly shorter shelf life than a stone resin or cast iron bath. Another essential aspect to consider is colour. Although white brings about a sense of serenity and quietness, corner baths come in colours such as white, shades of cream, grey, and even pastels.


Get the Perfect Fit: Water or Air Jets?

A corner bath is a lifestyle statement designed for smart space-saving, as manufacturers can configure them to meet different bathroom sizes, which is why they are so popular in modern developments today. Nevertheless, whether you’ve got your eye on a swirl pool or soaking bath, you’re going to need to decide on whether you want air or water jets. Whereas water jets make less noise while they provide a rather vigorous, focused massage, they are not for everyday use. Air jets, on the other hand, lose heat fast, make more noise, provide a gentle massage, and are for everyday use.

Corner bathtubs are great for those looking to add value to their lifestyle and their home, which is reason to ensure you do your homework before purchasing and consult with spa bath experts, such as Summer Place, to help you find the perfect bath to complement your life. Also, in the world of hot tubs, quality installation services, warranties and customer service are of vital importance.


We Supply Baths to Developers, Spas, Architects and Homeowners 

If you partner with a here today gone tomorrow supplier, your warranty will mean nothing. As a result, if you’re looking for the best return on your investment, then you need to partner with a supplier who shares the same quality values as you do, such as Summer Place Spas & Baths.

As one of South Africa’s leading spa bath trendsetters, manufacturers and suppliers of spa baths, we supply developers, architects, sports clubs, gyms, and homeowners throughout South Africa with a wide range of traditional and contemporary jetted corner tubs, unmatched by any big-box store.

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