Corner Bath Heaven | Bathroom Transformation

Corner Bath Heaven | Bathroom Transformation

Transforming Your Bathroom into a Haven with Corner Baths

Transforming your bathroom into a haven of luxurious relaxation is now easier than ever, even if you have limited space. By installing a corner bath you can enhance your bathroom space and create a sanctuary in your very own home.


The Perceived Corner Bath Space Conundrum

If you look at a corner bath before it’s installed, you’re likely to think that one requires oodles of space to accommodate such an enormous item within the confines of a bathroom – an area which is often the most compact room in a home.

However, you’d be wrong. Most corner bath designs actually occupy less floor space or at worst, the same amount of space as a typical built-in unit, which fits against a pair of bathroom walls.


Comparative Measurements vs. Inner Space Availability

When you take a closer look at the measurements of Summer Place corner baths, you’ll note that the difference between the respective lengths and widths of these bathtubs is minimal when compared with the same aspects of rectangular built-in products.

Whilst it’s true that the inner area and/or width of a corner bath is particularly spacious, this item occupies a corner area that would otherwise either be utilised to fit a traditional rectangular bath or failing this, would represent a wasted corner space that’s of no use whatsoever.


Potential Space-Saver

No one can truly relax and unwind in a space that’s too tight and compact. A corner type bath may be the perfect space-saver, as well as a tub that transforms your bathroom into a private haven and sanctuary of tranquil therapeutic luxury.


Therapeutic Relaxation

As leaders in the state-of-the-art spa and bath manufacturing industry, all our bathtubs and spas feature jet systems that enable bathers to enjoy relaxing bathtimes that simultaneously provide the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy treatments. Our clients can enjoy benefits like rehabilitation of injured muscles, reduction of stress and pain, and an immunity boost during a soaking session.


Hydrotherapy Jets

Summer Place baths feature a variety of jets that provide hydrotherapy bath time sessions. These include:

  • Shiatsu microjets

    Corner Bath | Bathroom Transformation

  • A P30 centre air induction jet
  • Volcano jets
  • Hot seats
  • Silent water fillers

Choice of Four Models

At Summer Place, we offer our customers a choice of four corner bath models:

  1. Genoa
  2. Sienna
  3. Venus
  4. Capri


Relax and Revitalise Yourself Today

Why wait when you can relax and transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxing health benefits with a sensational Summer Place corner bath? Contact us for prompt assistance in transforming your bathroom from ordinary to a place luxury.


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