Buy a New Jacuzzi in South Africa

Buy a New Jacuzzi in South Africa

Where to Buy a New Jacuzzi in South Africa

Come winter or summer, relaxation in a jetted spa with gentle water massaging sore muscles and your back is just what you need to unwind and rejuvenate. But where can you buy a new jacuzzi in South Africa that will meet your every requirement? You’ve guessed right – Summer Place.

Where else can you find a luxury new jacuzzi for sale from a local supplier that ensures their spa products come with features like these:


  • Surface mounted or skimmer fitted weir for all the jacuzzi tubs we offer for sale in South Africa take the unsightly and unhygienic surface impurities away, giving a you a sparkling and super-clean water soaking and jetted massage experience. These also prevent oil residue on the sides of the spa tub.


  • Super powerful centrally air inducted high volume jets to push 130 litres of water in a minute as opposed to one you can buy from other suppliers, with a capacity of 60 to 80 litres of water per minute.


  • P30 jets that are three times as powerful as the standard type spa jet normally offered in conventional new jacuzzi tubs for sale in South Africa.


  • Brass bodied chrome plated on and off buttons on the spa’s side instead of the cushion pad type, which discolours and quickly perishes.


  • Accurate temperature measurement and control made possible with the twin pump system in place.


  • Stainless-steel housing for the heater as opposed to the standard PVC plastic type housing. With the stainless steel housing you won’t have to deal with leaking as is often the case with normal plastic housings for spa units.


  • Insulated pump housing for low noise emission. Your neighbours won’t even hear your spa tub’s in operation, so you will not have to invite them over.


Explore Summer Place and Buy Your Dream Spa Bath

Buy a new jacuzzi in South Africa form a supplier with four plus decades. We have a proven track record of superior products, service excellence, and full-time service teams.

We manufacture the flush-deck and inbound spa’s here in South Africa, meaning we know our products. And because we make every part ourselves, we can stand by our manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

Our product range is impressive in every way, but don’t take our word for it, have a look at the range of jacuzzi spa tubs we offer for sale. You can now buy a unit, still new on the market or go with one of our classic ones. From a spacious brand new Lusso portable spa for your wooden veranda overlooking the sea, to the classic Lusso in-ground spa with its smooth and elegant lines are on offer.

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