Bathtubs for Sale: An Investment in Your Health & Wellbeing

Bathtubs for Sale: An Investment in Your Health & Wellbeing

Times are tough, but lately, you’ve been noticing all these online ads that flaunt the latest bathtubs for sale at excellent prices. Many of your mates are buying these bathtubs for sale, but you need a little persuading. You know you want a hot hydrotherapy bathtub, but the issue is whether you actually can afford one.

A tradition used in many cultures since ancient Egyptian and Roman times, a hot tub is not just a vessel to scrub clean after a hard day. It is also not just a luxury accessory for lounging and romance. Today’s modern luxury bathtubs are a lifelong investment in health and well-being, and it is a tool that you can use all-year-round. Not only does a spa bath improve health, elevate mood, and keep the heart healthy when the body is stagnant  – especially during winter, but it boosts the immune system.


Hydrotherapy Health Benefits are Endless

sienna bathActing as a preventative measure and healing therapy, a good, long soak in a jetted, hydrotherapy hot tub fights colds, clears sinuses, eases chest and lung congestion, eases headaches and migraines, and promotes better sleep patterns. It is highly essential for arthritis and chronic pain patients and diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. Soaking in a hydrotherapy bathtub is also beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety as it reduces stress, detoxifies the skin, and revitalises tired and aching muscles, leaving users relaxed.


It’s a Necessity Every Income Bracket Can Afford

Once only accessible to spas, hotels, resorts, and well-heeled, today these modern tubs are a staple for modern bathroom and outdoor design and are accessible to every income bracket. As one of the hottest home installation trends in 2021, modern luxury bathtubs – unlike the standard built-in bath, are painless to install and come in a wide range of organic shapes, and colours and materials. Unless you buy a cheap, no-name brand with zero guarantees or after-sales support, your bathtub will pay for itself after every soak.

In such unprecedented times, where our health is all we have, a hot jetted bathtub for sale is a necessity you can afford. Forget about all those advertisements you see flaunting all the latest high-tech bathtubs for sale at ridiculous prices because you will never pay more than you have to for the latest Jacuzzi and hot tub brands at Summer Place Spas & Baths. As one of South Africa’s leading hot bathtub trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers, we provide traditional and modern models inspired by European trends at prices you can afford.

Visit our online showroom today and let one of our friendly bathtub specialists walk you through our well-priced high-quality baths.

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