Maximise Floor Space With A Luxury Corner Bathtub

Maximise Floor Space With A Luxury Corner Bathtub

Are you bored with your current bathtub? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a change, and searching for something special. Luxurious corner bathtubs are rising in popularity among South Africans, for various reasons. As more and more property owners feel the space crunch with greater urbanisation leading to smaller properties, every centimetre of floor space needs to be utilised to get the most out of modern living spaces.

An exceptionally functional choice, corner baths not only deliver the luxurious bathing experience, but they are also a fantastic space-saving option that adds a touch of class to any bathroom. There are so many luxury corner bathtubs available on the market, ranging from different colours and designs to shapes and sizes. If you are considering purchasing a new luxury bathtub, then take a look at the advantages that corner tubs have to offer.

Maximising Floor Space

In this day and age, where extra floor space comes at a premium in any of South Africa’s large metropolitan cities, having anything that gives you more out of the space you’re paying for is a great commodity. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, it doesn’t matter, as luxury corner baths are excellent for maximising the floor space you have and helping you to get the most out of your bathroom.

The installation of a corner bath opens up the centre section of the room, making it easier for traffic to flow more freely throughout the rest of the space. The extra room leftover provides more space for standing at sinks, drying off or sitting at a dresser table. Just a few of the reasons why choosing a corner bath makes sense.

Use Less Wall Space

Since the bath is situated in the room’s corner, this leaves more wall space for other bathroom fixtures and features. You may even have enough room left to fit a roof shower over the bath, should you wish to do so. This provides you with valuable additional functionality by helping you out on those mornings when you don’t have time for a long soak, while also adding greater equity to your property.

Provides You with a Seating Area

Corner bathtubs also open up enough floor space that can be used for storage of bathroom essentials, or as a seating area. Keep in mind that corner baths can offer the same high standard of luxury and comfort that standalone, traditional tubs can. If you are looking to refresh your bathroom while giving it a totally new look, then a corner bath can add a touch of elegance and beauty in a relaxing environment.

Luxury corner baths are like having a spa in your own home. The fact that you can come home to your very own spa bath, fill the tub and sit back and relax for hours on end is a great way of transforming even the dullest of bathrooms into a welcoming retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Create an inviting space that you can look forward to getting back to.

Pure Luxury from Summer Place Spas & Baths

We specialise in bringing the healing power of hydrotherapy to the homes of South Africans from all walks of life with our extensive and eclectic range of luxury domestic and commercial spas, jetted baths and steam units. Even though we draw design inspiration from the latest European trends, each Summer Place product is carefully designed and adapted to suit the tastes, preferences and conditions of our discerning South African consumer.

As a leading manufacturer of spa baths since 1968, our patented Summer Place Centre Air Induction Jet technology continues to set the standard in the industry. It delivers a comfortable, yet deeply penetrating hydro-massage via a jet stream of water that is combined with air. The air softens the force of the water, while it disperses what would otherwise be a penetrating stream of water.

What’s more, you have access to this incredible technology in the privacy of your own home with any of our luxury bathtubs. Benefit from our large buying power and access affordable, quality and durable luxury baths from one of the top manufacturers of jetted baths in South Africa today.

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