Why You Should Buy A New Portable Spa This Summer

Why You Should Buy A New Portable Spa This Summer

Not many of us are familiar with the concept of a portable spa! Traditionally, the spas we use are built in and form a feature in our homes. The portable spa is a reasonably new development in the spa world, and not many people are familiar with the concept. At Summer Place, however, we can give you a few good reasons to buy a portable spa.

What is a Portable Spa?

It comes down to the build of the spa. Usually, spa baths are sunk into the ground or built into a particular environment, such as the garden or a specific bathroom. People even build them as an extension to their swimming pools. A portable spa is situated above ground, which means that the entire spa can be removed or put in another location if needed. Providing the plumbing is available, you can put a spa in just about any location in your home or garden! They are practical, and they are typically installed above ground on a smooth surface. All the necessary components, such as the heating elements and the pumps come with the portable spa, and these are neatly hidden underneath the spa behind the cover or cabinet that surrounds it.

7 Reasons to Buy a New Portable Spa

You can take it with you! If you have your heart set on a spa, but you don’t want to invest in something that will become a permanent feature of your home, a portable spa is the answer. The clue is in the name: it is portable! This means that you can take it with you when you choose to move, or you can relocate the spa to a location of your choice within or outside of your home. This means that when you buy a new portable spa, you don’t need to leave it behind when you choose to live somewhere else, because it can be moved along with your other furniture, and be installed at the new premises in a jiffy.

Stress relief: There are many benefits that are associated with a good soak in a bubbly spa bath, and one of the main reasons that you should buy a new portable spa is that it will provide excellent stress relief. In today’s mad world, where we are continuously and constantly on the go, being able to come home and soak troubles away with some great water jets and in an ambient environment is one of the greatest luxuries around.

Reduces pain: If you suffer from joint pain, muscle aches, or skin ailments, a portable spa is just what you need. Because a spa will stimulate circulation, it allows better blood flow to the places in your body where it is needed most and provides relief for many different ailments, including joint pain and insomnia. There are only a few things that can prepare you for a good night’s sleep as well as a lovely soak in a spa.

Easy maintenance: Another reason to buy a new portable spa is the ease of maintenance. They are a lot simpler to maintain than built-in spas. Because all the components that operate the spa effectively are located within easy reach, it is a breeze to fix any problems and to ensure that the spa operates at optimum capacity all the time. It is also easier to drain and refill the spa when needed.

Easy installation: No major construction is needed when you buy a new portable spa. All you really need is a smooth surface on which the spa can sit. No digging is needed. This means that you will have a fully operational spa within a few hours of it arriving on site.

Simple to relocate: If you rent a place, but would love the luxury of having a spa, you simply have to buy a new portable spa. Even if you have to move to another location, dismantling and relocating your portable spa is easy, so you don’t have to hold off on your dream of relaxing with wonderful spa jets and bubbles.

Cost effective: Because there is no digging or construction required, it is a lot cheaper to install a portable spa than a built-in one. Portable spas also tend to use less water than their larger built-in counterparts and require fewer chemicals and maintenance in the short, medium, and long term.

If you want to buy a new portable spa, talk to our team at Summer Place as soon as possible.

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